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Celebrate our annual Day Of The Dead in true Guardian fashion. This event is free for all pre-registered 2020 campers and their families.

To the Wizards & Warriors of Sidelterra:

Hear ye! Hear ye! All Heroes have been cordially invited by Queen Titania of the Court of the Seelie Fae to attend Pars Tempus, a Festival of Seasons. This is a great holiday that marks a monument in our yearly journey, transitioning the realm from the domain of Summer to the province of Autumn. Come join us for an evening of games, potluck, and much merriment.

To the Agents of Zee Corp:

Human Resources has invited you to the annual company gathering in the form of a party. This party is to reward you for your hard work this summer and energize you for the missions ahead. Join us for socializing, games, displays of your skills and an unveiling of a new invention, to aid us in our various efforts.

To All Registered Campers Ages 13 and Up:

The Seelie Fae, the most charming of the desirable, have invited those heroes 13 and older, to attend a magical evening of music and dance within the Court.  One must be certain to dress in their faerie best, as the queen graciously has invited you to her realm, and anything else would be Unseelie of you.  Celebrate the changing of seasons with us in a Sidleterra version of a formal dance.

The celebration will take place on Saturday, November 2nd at The Castle in Burlington. A communal potluck dinner will be enjoyed from 6-8pm with games running simultaneously. At 8 o’clock all registered campers ages 13+ are invited to stay for a dance, 8:30-10pm. This is a free event for all pre-registered 2020 campers. If you haven’t yet, you can register for camp online. Once complete, you’ll receive an e-invitation to your spot at the table for November 2nd as well as the best possible pricing for camp next season. To register for the Day Of The Dead event, which must be done second, reply to your official e-invitation. See you at the feast!

Tiamat, The Great Dragon, has been defeated, but remnants of her armies hide in the shadows. Every hero is needed to assist Nidaba, the patron of the city of Eres, to defend her home and people from these vengeful creatures. Will you be able to band together to stop them in time before they find a new leader and rise again?

Meanwhile, halfway across the globe, a beloved Z-Corp scientist is struck with a mysterious disease. The only way to save them is to shrink to a cellular level and discover what undiscovered evils lurk inside. Arm your NERF blasters for a fantastic voyage!

This event is for ages 7 to 14. Monster Campers 15 years or older will receive 50% off tuition for their participation. Extended day options are also available, moving the times to 8:30AM – 5:00PM. To register for this event or the 2020 camp season please visit and fill out your waiver at

Outdoor camp has come to a climactic close and we simply cannot thank enough everyone who made it possible. From parents to counselors to the heroes themselves THANK YOU for another incredible summer of adventure.
Let’s take a look back at what your heroes got up to this year at Salem State…


Our heroes passed through The Gate Of Destiny and entered the magical realm of Sidleterra. They chose their respective Houses, got some combat training, and began their adventure with smiles and swords held high. Along the way, they studied the natural world around them, embarked on an archeological dig in an ancient burial ground, solved riddles and puzzles galore, and strengthened their understanding of the 3 Tenets of a Hero: Courage, Honor, and Compassion.
Creatures and characters littered their path as the adventure continued. The heroes met King Gilgamesh, a complex character, and fought alongside him in the shifting caverns. They gathered other magical allies and rid the land of the evil witch Baba Yaga. A cultural educator from the Center for Arabic Culture, Alma Richeh, arrived to teach the heroes about language and music.
In the final days of camp, the tablet of The Patrons went missing so our heroes traveled to a dark corner of Sidleterra where The Gate Of Destiny was originally crafted. They gathered information, banded together under a newly designed constitution, and defeated Tiamat’s giant army of evil. They also made boats…

I’ve literally made the best friends ever at Guard Up and they really taught, and are still teaching me, a lot about friendship and what it means to be a hero,” – Annika (Hero)
(Guard Up) is a place that allows children to have this amazing creativity in a space where they can be themselves,” – Lisa (Parent)


The Defenders entered the world of Asimov’s Foundation series, complete with the Galactic Empire, the Foundation resistance, and our big bad boss The Mule, a psychic mutant with control over the zombie hordes. They learned about the biology of the human brain while saving the helpful robot Daneel and vanquished The Mule by outsmarting his living dead henchmen.
The next week we introduced elements from Minority Report, specifically the concept of Pre-Crime. After learning about the concept, the campers decided that is was unethical to use it for themselves. They traversed a treacherous maze by solving parabolic equations, learned about punnet squares, and got to witness Marrow, the leader of the zombies, have a nice sloppy brain for lunch in the cafeteria (this was not served by our cooks, he brought it from home, we promise).

The environment here is really nice. You get to learn all the things that you would in school but in a fun and different way that’s very compelling,” – Panda (Monster Camper)
My son has been part of Guard Up for many many years and he loves the creativity, he loves working with the other kids, he loves being able to play different monsters, and I’m pretty sure he leaves a part of himself in Sidleterra every year,” – Liz (Parent)

Is your hero still itching for more summer camp excitement? We can help. King’s Watch Day Camp in Burlington is SOLD OUT next week but the final week (8/26 – 8/30) still has a few slots left. Register today and add one more week of adventure to your hero’s summer at or give us a call at (781) 270-4800.
We’re looking forward to the next adventures on the horizon with great anticipation. Our storytellers have recently begun creating new interactive stories with a Moroccan cultural consultant, keeping with our standard of cultural respect and accuracy within our stories. Curious what this new tale will involve? Join your friendly local Guardians and find out for yourself…
…but before we dive into that, we’re thrilled to announce our big plans for October! (Hint: it’s got to do with Korea)

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