Courage. Honor. Compassion.  


Guard Up’s mission and values for over 20 years have been to help young people grow into adults who display those three tenets of a hero.  


Current events require that we, as a company, choose courage and publicly disavow those among us who saw nothing wrong as George Floyd was callously murdered; act with honor as we recall the memory of George Floyd and countless others who have been victimized by our society, and provide compassion for victims of racism across the globe.


Our company and all of our employees stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and categorically condemn racism in all its forms.  


There is no room for hate in our America.  But it is not enough to want things to be better, we must act to bring change to society. We will not solve the problems of racism just by sheer will or through some grand bargain.  Change, real change will require voices of millions of heroes declaring as one, “enough is enough!” and standing together.


As a way to fight hatred and manifest our intentions, we are making a donation to The ACLU Foundation of MA.  This organization fights every day to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to all of us and especially to those who don’t have the resources to defend themselves in the face of systematic injustice. The ACLU provides services and resources for Black Live Matter protesters as well as the press.


As a company, we are committed to furthering this objective through our commitment to expand our outreach to diverse communities while providing scholarships for those who cannot afford our services. We will also sustain and expand our partnerships with cultural consultants from around the world so that their stories are presented by us in the most sensitive and appropriate manner possible while inspiring children to see commonality past the color of our skin.


We hope that you will join us in supporting the voices of those who have been unheard for too long. We ask that you hold true to the tenets of courage, honor, and compassion in the face of hatred and ignorance. We call on our communities to stand united and work together for change. 


We will not turn away. We will not abandon our brethren. We will not be complicit.


The hero’s journey is upon us. Black lives matter. Will you join us by donating today to the ACLU or your local charity in support of bringing an end to racism?


To donate to the ACLU, visit their website:

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