Stranded Campers Find a New Home

Written by Jake Javitch
Warm greetings to all of our Guardian Adventures family. Recently, Guardian Adventures took an opportunity to be heroes for a special group of students in need all the way from China!  We were contacted by a Chinese camping coordinator whose 21 campers flew all the way from Guangzhou, China for a summer camp in Wellesley, MA only to find out that when they arrived on July 15th, their contract had been voided without any communication.  You can imagine their disappointment and surprise at this situation. So once Guardian Adventures was informed, we sprang to action to try to save their summer.  As an intentionally inclusive environment, Guardian Adventures wanted to make sure we could help out campers in need and assist in any way we could.
All 21 students turned Heroes are now joining us at our Quest Camp location at the Salem State University and are enjoying our brand of story-based education.  After some ice-breakers and some initial trepidation, our new friends jumped right into sword games, guild time, and encounters all over camp.  The heroes at Quest camp have been very welcoming to their new house members and are helping them get into the flow of their new adventures.  Ever ready to help, Guardian Adventures is extremely excited to have new heroes add to our community as both groups learn from each other in new ways!

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