Straight From the Hero’s Mouth

What do you picture when you read the word: job. Most would answer something along the lines of “the same monotonous task, day after day, fueled by coffee and ibuprofen.”

What do I picture? (yes, I’m breaking the fourth wall for this blog post) Well, let’s run through my week so far, shall we? On Monday I helped a 67 year old man sign up for weekly fencing classes and got to share his excitement of finally jumping back into his passion after a 20 year hiatus from the sport. On Tuesday I spent my break with my NERF blaster, using a Chinese gong for (loud) target practice. Yesterday I walked around our Castle…on stilts.

So what’s on the docket for today? Quite literally, anything! But enough about little old me. Let’s hear from one of our veteran Guardians, our Quartermaster, the incredibly talented Chris Wiley…

Working for a Place You Believe In

My name is Chris Wiley and I am the Program Director for Guardian Adventures, Wizards & Warriors, and Zombie Summer Camp. I get to play pretend for a living and help bring worlds of imagination to life. I am on my 11th year working with Guardian Adventures and approaching my 12th summer with our epic adventure camps.
On any given day, I get to design STEM curriculum, write stories based on myths and legends, pick up a foam sword to spar with kids and adults, dress up and play ridiculous characters (like the villainous Duke of Bones or the friendly Cyclops brothers), or don knickers and a mask and get paid to fence.
I have so many stories and anecdotes over my years with the company. From students growing into instructors under my mentorship to ridiculous birthday adventures coworkers have thrown for me to meeting the love of my life at this very job and marrying her at the campsite where we met, this building and this community of coworkers means so much to me. Guardian Adventures has been an integral part of my life for over a decade.
All of the above are reasons why I started working here and the reasons I enjoy each day I work. But the reason why I stay, the reason why after taking two years of spending time with my family and starting my own family down South I decided to uproot my family and move back to Massachusetts to this company, is because I believe in our mission. The part of working for this company that motivates me the most is that we serve our students and campers — who we call heroes — by challenging them to be better people. Whether encouraging compassion and courage through roleplay and consequences, building a life-long love of learning through story-based informal education, or just helping kids and adults relate to the world around them through unplugged active play, Guardian Adventures helps make kids into heroes and educators into champions.
That’s why I work here and that’s why I believe in Guardian Adventures.



Needless to say, us Guardians never have to worry about getting stuck in a monotonous routine. There’s always more adventure to uncover at The Castle, and now it might be time for your own adventure to begin…


Live the adventure and apply today at www.guardup.com/employment-info for any of our open positions!

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