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Even before the beginning of social distancing, summertime meant a season away from school. While many of our children excitedly await the break from classroom learning, our hope remains that our growing heroes will never stop learning. Learning doesn’t solely take place in the classroom. In fact, we believe that some of the best learning happens outside of school.

Student-driven learning, also referred to as informal education, is a wildly successful method for delivery or lessons, comprehension, and retention for heroes of any age. Changing the goal from memorizing facts to actually solving problems that inspire emotional immersion makes learning an adventure.

Our Online Summer Camps are designed to take STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) concepts and integrate them into fantastic stories. Campers are not doing math equations to get a good grade and please the counselor. They are doing equations because without the right numbers the quest will not be conquered.

A recent example of STEM and informal learning being implemented into our stories was the lesson on marine biology in our Online Wizards & Warriors camp. Our merry band of heroes needed to obtain a magical potion, one that would allow them the ability to breathe underwater. In order to concoct this potion, they needed a basic understanding of how it might work. Insert STEM here.

This is how it works! Create an immersive world, deliver an engaging story, give the heroes the autonomy to decide how to interact with the characters they meet, and use real-life applicable education to grant them the tools they will need to succeed. With our camps, there is no need for fear of a gap in your hero’s education.

Classrooms might be closed, but learning is a daily adventure.

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