Spring Equinox & Summer Savings

Attention fellow heroes!

Winter is winding down and so is our discount season. Waiting to register for summer camp will result in full prices with no discounts…and nobody wants that.

Your last chance for a summer camp discount is running until March 21st, the first official day of spring. Registering for summer camp before March 21st will grant you the final discount available this year as well as an invitation to our Spring Equinox yearly event complete with good food, fun, and community.

It’s important to remember that we also have payment plans and scholarship opportunities available to help those who need it still get the discount.

We don’t want any hero (or villain) to miss out on their summer adventure for purely financial reasons so, if you need some help, contact us to learn more about your options and claim your discount before it disappears March 21st.

The G A staff, all dressed in costume.

Spring has finally arrived in Sidelterra and that’s a reason for celebration! The Guardians are thrilled to announce our annual Equinox Celebration here at The Castle, free for all preregistered 2020 summer campers of all ages. Join us for a potluck dinner, a gathering of the Guardian Adventures community, assembly of characters both old and new, swordplay, and even some brain-busting puzzles to keep the heroes entertained.

This event is free for all campers who have preregistered for a 2020 summer camp session. It is worth noting that our camp discount ends the day of this event (March 21st at 6pm). Don’t miss your chance to save money on camp and be granted an invitation to this yearly event.  If you haven’t already, you can register online today.

If you plan to bring food for the potluck, please include a list of ingredients with the dish and be sure to only bring nut-free foods. Preregistration is required and costumes encouraged. To qualify for preregistration, you must register for a 2020 summer camp session. Once completed, call us at (781) 270-4800 or email guardup at to add your hero’s name to the Equinox roster.

We are also pleased to link you to two “in-game” letters. If your young hero is a Wizards & Warriors camper, print them the letter labeled “Official Invitation.” If your young hero is a Zombie NERF camper, instead you may print them the letter labeled “Zee Corp Memo.” These letters will give them a head start in their grand adventure this new year.

Thank you for entrusting us with your hero or heroes this summer season. We promise you a STEM fueled action-packed camp experience like no other! We shall see you soon.

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