Over the past couple of days, you may have realized a mysterious addition to our lobby…

On our merchandise table has appeared a terrifying snake, guarding a pot of gold treasure! In the pot is a riddle, if you can reach past those glaring eyes and flicking tongue before it attacks. Luckily, we managed to read it and transcribe it for you here:

“A Marriage of Stone

Eyes in the Sky

Three Brothers, Ever Watchful

Soldiers Facing Giants

The Cry of a Petrified Child


Follow the Blue Light”


What could this mean, Heroes? And where did this snake come from? What is this blue light? Whatever it is, it must have something to do with our upcoming Winter Break Adventure. Does your Hero miss camp and want to get a taste of this summer’s plot during their week off from school? Sign them up for Winter Break soon, because it starts in only 1 week!

Until then, may your week be filled with adventure.