School’s Out & Screens Off

Autumn has definitely settled into our chilly New England town. The leaves are boasting lovely shades of auburn and yellow while families stroll along the frost covered streets in sweaters and hand knit hats. There’s a sense of anticipation hanging in the frigid air as the holiday season quickly approaches. But before we can begin to plan for family gatherings, feasts, football, new year resolutions, or the horrors of holiday shopping, we mustn’t forget about an earlier holiday that’s just around the corner: Veterans Day.

A day of gratitude and appreciation for those who have served their country is certainly an excellent reason for schools to close. And we all know that when schools shut their doors, too many kids, free of their usual scholarly responsibilities, will immediately turn on their television or computer. A day meant for rest and thought has become a day for Fortnite. This isn’t exactly what you might have had in mind. That’s where we come in…

Guardian Adventures is here to provide your child with all the excitement of their favorite video game, all without the need of screens. Does your hero want to save the world from an all powerful evil using their wit and cunning? We’ll give them a costume, complete with foam sword, and send them on a quest to conquer the “big bad boss.” Does your adventurer crave the thrill of blasting zombies and leveling up with each horde of monsters vanquished? We’ve got plenty of NERF blasters to keep our staff zombies at bay all day long. We can provide all of this without a single screen in sight.

With a full day available for adventure, we recommend letting us keep your child busy, rather than Nintendo. We’ll get them running around, swinging their foam swords, and cheering each other on as they quest their way through the magical story unfolding before them. The adventure is real…and so is the action.

Last year’s Veterans Day adventure here at The Castle sold out, packing the place with wizards, warriors, and zombies. Based on the response thus far, we fully expect this year’s event to sell out too. So, if you want to give your child a screen-free adventure with their big day off, call us today at (781) 270-4800 or fill out the registration form to pre-register. The adventure will be a continuation of the last School Break event two weeks ago and will also be shedding some a little light on a topic of great interest to our Guardians: the origins of the zombies. Not to mention that within the adventure, a STEM lesson will throw our heroes into the wild world of biology as they learn about the mechanisms that make a human (or zombie) body function. Sounds bit more engaging than another episode of SpongeBob, doesn’t it?

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