Little Knights | STEM Summer Camp

STEM summer camp for our youngest heroes ages 5-7.

Learning through interactive stories and educational adventures

Welcome to Little Knights STEM Summer Camp

The path to becoming a Knight begins in our Little Knights Summer Camp program for boys and girls ages 5-7. We also offer summer camp for ages 7-19 through our Wizards & Warriors STEM Summer Camp and our Zombie STEM Summer Camp.

As fledgling knights report for their foam sword training, they dream of one day wearing their Knight badge upon a necklace full of beads, each one telling tales of personal achievements. Each day of the Little Knights program brings a new chance to save your fellow heroes from slightly scary monsters, escape from the dungeon, build up the village, and sail the high seas.

This Day Camp for ages 5-7 is perfect for some of the youngest heroes around. Like all of Guardian Adventures’ educational summer camps, our Little Knights Summer Camp features enough action and excitement to tire out any hero, while teaching them science, history, literature, and mythology through a living story. Our staff to camper ratio for Little Knights camp is the highest out of all of our programs, so your Hero will benefit from much one-on-one attention with our trained instructors. Activities will include:

  • Foam sword battles against ogres, giant spiders, etc.
  • Team games
  • Story telling
  • Crafting magic items
  • Drawing and coloring scenes from their adventure
  • Fresh air breaks outside, to draw up battle plans with sidewalk chalk

Little Knights Camp heroes must be potty trained by start of camp. We offer a complimentary snack for all Heroes, but please pack a peanut-free lunch for your young Hero.

Little Knights 2020 Summer Camp Dates:

  • Week 1: July 6 – July 10
  • Week 2: August 10 – August 14
  • Week 3: August 17 – August 21

Camp Pricing:

Register by November 2nd for Discount Pricing:

  • 2-3 Weeks:$480/week
  • 1 Week:$555

Regular Pricing:

  • 2-3 Weeks:$525/week
  • 1 Week:$615

Whether your heroes be prince or princess, warrior or wizard, Little Knights Summer Camp is a place where their minds can soar and they can grow.

Call (781) 270-4800 or register online with the form today!

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