Preparing For Summer Camp, Live or Online

We know that with these uncertain times, it is harder than ever to plan for this summer. So we wanted to let you know our plans, including contingencies, which may provide you with some clarity and options.
We are running camp no matter what: Online or Live 
(as determined by the local health department)

We are planning on running our camp live and are in regular contact with both the Salem and Burlington Health Departments to make sure that we are aware of any new requirements that might be instituted as the quarantine begins to be lifted. We expect that the live camp experience will be different in some aspects from the past in order to minimize camper exposure to any remaining virus. But we are committed to moving forward with the live camp and required procedures if it is permitted by the health departments who license us.

If live camp isn’t possible because of the determination of the local health department (who has the power to overrule both the Federal as well as the State agencies), we will then run an online version of camp. The online version will have aspects of our April Spring Break online full day adventures as well as the online classes that we have been running since the middle of March as well as more hands-on projects and physical engagement. We have been brainstorming and testing many new activities to make sure that screen-time is seen as a story guide instead of the focus of the camp.

Below, we have provided the online camp information, schedule, and pricing. The pricing for online Overnight and Quest Camps are less than the pricing for the live camp. If you have already registered for camp, and we are not permitted to run a live camp, we will issue the difference in the form of a refund or apply your remaining balance as a down payment for next season (therefore reserving you the lowest pre-season pricing as long as you pay the remaining balance or go on a payment plan by the deadline in early November), or you can offer the difference as a donation to a family in need of tuition assistance.

If you are not currently registered for any camp this summer and you register for camp now, we will only charge you the Online Camp tuition listed below. If the camp ends up going live, we will charge you the difference between the Online Camp and the Live Camp tuition you already paid.

There is a lot of information listed below. If you have questions or concerns, please give us a call at (781) 270-4800 or contact us via our website. We are working hard to make sure we have all options covered and we appreciate your patience and support as we strive to make sure your camper has the best possible summer experience.

Online Camp Details

Online camp will involve the following:
  • Live Zoom and Google Classroom meetings with a video platform
  • Physical activities
  • Group breakouts (separate online classrooms for smaller groups of campers, led by a counselor)
  • Instructions for craft projects that can help their character in the plot
  • Virtual fields trips to museums for plot
  • STEM activities including programming
  • Hands-on STEM projects (materials list sent ahead of time)
  • Scheduled Meal/snack/social times are monitored by staff within our environment (Note: We cannot monitor if the camper moves away from computer or chooses to engage in activities or programs outside of the environment we control)
  • Online Camp will only run Monday through Friday for all online camp types

Requirements for online camp:
  • A big imagination! This is the most important thing of all.
  • A computer with a video camera and microphone. Although not required, a portable device that can be used outdoors is encouraged. Live instructors will work with your campers on our conference platform and once registered, you’ll receive digital files with projects for your camper to complete for the physical aspect of the adventures.
  • A supply of printing paper, cardboard, tape and glue, and paint or markers, as well as any materials the camper wishes to use to create costuming.
  • Sign/fill out the new online waiver form which includes language explaining our digital environment and our responsibilities.
  • Live camp paperwork: We still need this in place in case live camp is approved on short notice so that we can have the health department look over the camper’s health forms, immunizations, etc and get the camp open ASAP.

We are also planning on the possibility that some of the camp weeks or days may be online and some may be live. So we are preparing for both options in order to keep your camper engaged without interruption.

With this in mind, we have the following options:
  • If live camp is only running some weeks: Parents can choose to switch their online camp weeks to when we run live camp, or have the option to stay with online camp weeks.
  • If a camper is unable to attend either live or online camps: Parents can either donate the tuition to our nonprofit sister company, The Story School, or move their 2020 camp tuition to 2021 (we will honor your tuition as paid in full even if prices go up)

Important Reminder: Live Camp Paperwork (registration form, health form, and immunizations form) is still required. We will still require all in-person camp paperwork for all campers who want the possibility of going to live camp as well as the new online waiver form so that we can pivot quickly as soon as we get approval from the health department to go live.

Equinox Event: The Equinox event will be an online event on May 16 from 6-8pm for all pre-registered campers. Please register by paying for at least one camp option and contacting us to let us know you will be attending.

Scholarships & Referrals: We are still honoring all Scholarships and Referral bonuses.

If we do move to online camp, the below online pricing is in effect (for online camp only – live camp pricing will be the same, with pre-registration pricing ending upon notification of our camp going live). Make sure to read the note about the Online Pricing Difference.

Online Camp Pricing

Online Camp Pricing Difference: There will be partial refunds or credits to Monster Campers, Overnight, and Quest campers who have paid for live camp already if those dates are replaced by Online Camp. Day Camp and Day Camp Extended Day pricing is the same for both online and live. The amount of credit/refund will be the difference between the tuition listed below and the live camp tuition you have already paid.

2020 Overnight Online Camp

Monday through Friday (except Blackwatch) 8:30am-11:30am, lunch, 12:30pm-3pm, snack, 3:30pm-5:30pm, dinner, 6:30pm-9pm (social)

Overnight Online Camp Dates: Weekend coverage is not provided
July 6 – July 10: Zombie Summer Camp
July 13 – 17 and July 20 – 24: Wizards & Warriors session 1
July 27 – July 31 and Aug 3 – 7: Wizards & Warriors session 2
Aug 10 – Aug 12: Blackwatch Summer Camp

W&W Overnight Online Pricing: See note about pricing difference above
Register by Start of Session
2 Weeks: $1995
4 Weeks: $3281

Zombie Overnight Online Pricing: See note about pricing difference above
Register by Start of Session
1 Week: $998

Blackwatch Overnight Online Pricing: See note about pricing difference above
Register by Start of Session
3 Days/2 Nights: $700

2020 Quest Online Camp

Monday through Friday 8:30am-11:30am, lunch, 12:30pm-3pm, snack, 3:30pm-5:30pm

Quest Camp Online Dates (weekdays only): See note about pricing difference above
July 6 – July 10: Zombie Summer Camp
July 13 – July 24: Wizards & Warriors session 1
July 27 – Aug 7: Wizards & Warriors session 2

Wizards & Warriors Quest Online Pricing: See note about pricing difference above
Register by Start of Session
2 Weeks: $1330
4 Weeks: $2505

Zombie & SuperHero Quest Online Pricing: See note about pricing difference above
Register by Start of Session
1 Week: $865

2020 King’s Watch Online Day Camp  

Day Camp Online Dates: Monday through Friday 9am-11:30am, lunch, 12:30pm-3pm.
Extended Online Day: Monday through Friday 9am-11:30am, lunch, 12:3pm0-3pm, snack, 3:30pm-5:30pm

June 29 – July 3: Week 1
July 6 – July 10: Week 2
July 13 – July 17: Week 3
July 20 – July 24: Week 4
July 27 – July 31: Week 5
Aug 3 – Aug 7: Week 6
Aug 10 – Aug 14: Week 7
Aug 17 – Aug 21: Week 8
Aug 24 – Aug 28: Week 9
Aug 31 – Sep 4: Week 10

Day Camp Online Pricing: No pricing difference
Register by Start of Session
5+ Weeks: $410/week
2 – 4 Weeks: $475/week
1 Weeks: $575/week
Extended Day: $185/week or $62/day

Little Knights Online Camp (ages 5-7)

Monday through Friday 9am -11:30am, lunch, 12:30pm-3pm.
Extended Online Day: Monday through Friday 9am-11:30am, lunch, 12:30pm-3pm, snack, 3:30pm-5:30pm

Jul 6 – Jul 10: Week 1
Aug 10 – Aug 14: Week 2
Aug 17 – Aug 21: Week 3

Little Knights Camp Online Pricing: No pricing difference
Register by Start of Session
2-3 Weeks: $525/week
1 Week: $615/week
Extended Day: $185/week or $62/day

Remember, we are still honoring Sibling Discounts and Referral bonuses. So please encourage your friends to sign up for camp!

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