Preparing for Shutdown Week 2019

As the sun sets on summer, we’re beginning preparations to close The Castle doors, raise the drawbridge, and get to work during Shutdown Week. The week runs from September 1st through the 7th, during which time we will not be running any classes or events. Instead, the week is a time for reflection, reinvention, and redesign (as well as a whole lot of cleaning). New things are just around the corner and we can’t wait to show you. But before we do, there’s plenty of work to be done. Take a peek at what’s on the horizon…


The end of the summer season is also the beginning of a new cycle for our curriculum team. We’re sitting down to review all of our adventures, camps, courses, classes, the whole nine yards. Incorporating the ideas of some new teammates as well as the feedback from our members and parent-partners, the upcoming year is bound to be the very best yet!


Adventures can get messy. One of the biggest tasks of our annual Shutdown Week is rolling up our tunic sleeves and making The Castle shine. From the floors to the ceilings and everything in between, we work hard to make our play space spotless for your young heroes. When Shutdown Week comes to a close you’re all invited to come and see a newly renovated area, designed to welcome you into adventure the best way we can.


Guard Up is turning a whopping twenty years old in no time at all. To celebrate this milestone, we’re doing a bit of rebranding. Well, actually, quite a lot of rebranding! Before you know it Guard Up will transform into Guardian Adventures, boasting a redesigned logo, a greater focus on our educational themes, and partnerships with some big names to bring our adventures all over the world, by land and sea. Soon Guardian Adventures will be sharing our love of informal learning with audiences in every nook of the globe, but don’t worry…we’re still the same Guardians at The Castle ready to greet your young heroes with a smile and foam sword.
Not to mention, our birthday party coming up in the form of our annual Member Appreciation Spar-B-Q.


As you may have read in our previous UpDate, the rebranding of Guard Up into Guardian Adventures will also pave the way for our brand new website! Twenty years of storytelling has resulted in more stories to share than we ever could have imagined and it’s time to tell the tales the right way. The new website will allow for more of these incredible adventures to be seen, while giving us the vehicle we need to promote our one of a kind strategies on STEM Education and informal learning. Our hope is that the news, videos, and articles we display will be invaluable assets to educators all around the world, increasing the quality of informal education for children everywhere. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got cooking and see your face when the first page loads to your screen…
From all of us here at Guard Up (or Guardian Adventures if you’re reading this in the future), we would like to extend our thanks to everyone for another amazingly magical year. Cheers to what’s to come! We can’t wait to show you.

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