Partnering With NEIT

You may have noticed the new Online section on our website. What you may not know is that the summer camp industry is reeling right now. Many camps have not had the resources or skills for translating their programs into an online environment and are announcing their closure for this season… or waiting to see if they can go live. Chris Wiley and Meghan Gardner decided to throw together a last-minute free web presentation for camps on how to move their camp online. It was attended by 45 camps.  After uploading the recorded presentation to YouTube, it had over 500 views in the first 48 hours. It now has over 1,000 views. It was obvious that camps needed our help. So we are moving quickly to help.

In an effort to encourage as many summer camps as possible to hold online camp, we began the process of translating our game and story system onto a learning platform where camps can learn how to create and run their own programs. We are very excited to announce a partnership with a development team from New England Institute of Technology in helping us with this translation.

Amanda Coler

Amanda Coler is a User Experience Designer who develops gamification techniques that provide individuals who struggle with learning differences, physical and mental health challenges a sense of power, control, and relief. She does this because she has a passion for understanding people and human-centered digital domains.


DJ Johnson

DJ Johnson is a digital storyteller, creative professional, and serial entrepreneur with 30-years of experience in helping people bring their tangible and intangible products of imagination to life. He does this by facilitating human-centered design thinking and low-to-high fidelity prototype making. As a life-long geek, he fosters innovation with college students at New England Institute of Technology using a variety of digital productivity tools and savvy, experience-based practices. As a collaboration expert, he has learned to balance idealism and realism. His two favorite mantras are “We are smarter than me!” and “Failure is not the opposite of success, it is the primary ingredient.”


Lyn Riza

Lyn Riza is an Educational IT Leader, eLearning subject matter expert and Instructional Designer. As a consultant, she has successfully directed the migration of 10,000 active courses from Blackboard Learn to Canvas in an 8-week time frame. Perhaps the best rubric of this effort was the standing ovation given by faculty when the Assistant Provost announced that the migration was completed!

She is also an experienced instructional designer and passionate about collaborating with other educators and students. She is a seasoned local and national presenter, with topics including transformative educational methods and curriculum development, innovations in educational technology, and faculty development. She has publications in Academic Medicine, the American Medical Informatics Association Journal and CIN, a nursing informatics journal.

Previously, she directed the educational computing and instructional technology efforts across a major life science university. From this large organization and political environment, Lyn learned how to create and implement strategies that facilitate both technology and stakeholder successes.


Denise Gautreau

Denise Gautreau is a research scientist-turned-instructional designer passionate about creating meaningful learning experiences. As an innovative instructional designer, she does more than produce ‘read-take quiz’ canned courses. She designs and develops learning materials in partnership with content experts that focus on applied knowledge and core values. She is unafraid to engage others for meaningful change and can ignite enthusiasm and creativity in others.


Our hope is that our affordable license and pre-developed curriculum can help summer camps run their own interactive, story-based adventures that appeal to their own campers and provide options for parents who are looking for options to keep their kids engaged this summer. If you know a camp that is struggling with whether they can move their programming online, please have them contact us.

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