Last week was our last session of Zombie Camp, and our Zee Corp Defenders saved the day once again! Watch our videos to get an inside look at their adventure…

Zee Corp Heroes shoot Bottle Rockets

The Zee Corp Heroes were tasked with finding the secret base of the mysterious X Corp. With the help of science and some spare bottles, they were able to discover that X Corp has been right on top of them the whole time… On the roof! Watch the Heroes succeed:


Defenders Use Egg Drop Science to Explore the Earth’s Core

For our second session, the earth opened up to reveal an entire world underneath our own! The Zee Corp Defenders knew they had to build a transportation device that could withstand a long drop, so they recruited Egg Drop science to build a prototype. Watch them work together and solve problems:



Camper Testimonials

Curious to hear what our campers say about camp this year? Try and guess the most common word they use to describe it: