Recently, Guard Up has partnered with recipients of the Department of Housing and Community Development grant for summer camping to help bring summer education and fun to low-income families in Boston. Massachusetts has established this special grant for 22 shelter systems throughout the commonwealth to provide summer camp opportunities for their constituents. This opportunity, while still in its infancy, will bring a diverse group of learners from Boston and the North Shore area to our Quest Camps this summer. We are working to extend this opportunity to all 22 shelters for this summer and many summers to come.

The Mission Statment of Guard Up is and has always been to, “Inspire lifelong learners who want to make a difference in the world.” We feel that partnering with these great shelters will further that mission as well as serve our incoming new Heroes in a way that they have not been exposed to in the past. Walking into Sidleterra is an inspiring moment for all Heroes, and even more so for a group of new Heroes who can help us save the world in new and exciting ways as well as create lasting friendships that all Heroes can take home when they leave our magical realm.

Guard Up is very excited to bring our brand of educational adventure to this new group of Heroes, and spots are filling fast with this new influx of campers. If you haven’t already signed your Hero up for camp this summer, now is your chance. Sign up for camp now!