Keep Kids Busy and Employees Working with Online Summer Camps

"Formal education is in the audience, informal learning is on the stage." (Stephen W. Hart)

Camp No Matter What!

Working from home as a parent is like working two jobs at once. We’ll help get your employees back on track with our interactive and educational Online Summer Camps. It’s time to let their adventure begin…

For over twenty years we have been entrusted by families around the world to not only entertain but educate their children with remarkable one of a kind story-based summer camps… and this summer is no different. We’ve translated our camp experiences into an online platform designed to keep kids moving and adventuring, while parents can return their focus to work.

Guardian Adventures offers immersive and educational story-based Online Summer Day Camps for ages 7-19 as well as a Little Knights summer program for boys and girls ages 5-6.

We also have an Extended Day Summer Camp (called “Quest Day Camp”) for ages 7-19.

In addition, we have an “Overnight” Camp for ages 8-19. As part of our Overnight Camp, we have one of the most intensive and exciting Counselor-In-Training (we call them “Monster Campers”) programs available.

Important Details About Online Camp

As our communities are preparing for an unknown duration of social distancing, we are dedicated to having summer adventures available in any and all situations, helping parents find the time to do what they need to do and businesses find the resources they need to survive.

We aren’t your regular summer camp provider. We are a true one-of-a-kind experience for children, teens, and parents. Our goals with these online camps are to emphasize physical activity, mental engagement, and imagination as strongly as possible for our campers. Kids will have a blast while learning about science, technology, engineering, and math. Parents will be thrilled to see their homebound hero running, jumping, and laughing all day long. Our camps are so much more than just a camp…they’re adventures!

Note: We may be running our online camps at the same time as potential offline camps if there are enough campers who cannot go to the live camp. We are prepared to run both simultaneously.

  • What Can Online Campers Expect?
  • What Will Participants Need?
  • Are You Working With Local Health Departments?
What Can Online Campers Expect?

Online camp will involve the following:

    • Live Zoom and Google Classroom meetings with a video platform
    • Physical activities
    • Group breakouts (separate online classrooms for smaller groups of campers, led by a counselor)
    • Instructions for craft projects that can help their character in the plot
    • Virtual fields trips to museums for plot
    • STEM activities including programming
    • Hands-on STEM projects (materials list sent ahead of time)
    • Meal/snack/social times during schedule are monitored by staff within our environment (Note: We cannot monitor if the camper moves away from computer or chooses to engage in activities or programs outside of the environment we control)
    • Online Camp will only run Monday through Friday for all online camp types
What Will Participants Need?

Requirements for online camp:

  • A big imagination! This is the most important thing of all. 
  • A computer with a video camera and microphone. Although not required, a portable device that can be used outdoors is encouraged. Live instructors will work with the campers on our conference platform and once registered, they’ll receive digital files with projects for them to complete for the physical aspect of the adventures.
  • A supply of printing paper, cardboard, tape and glue, and paint or markers, as well as any materials the camper wishes to use to create costuming.
Are You Working With Local Health Departments?

We are planning on running our camp live when given permission and are in regular contact with both the Salem and Burlington Health Departments to make sure that we are aware of any new requirements that might be instituted as the quarantine begins to be lifted.  We expect that the live camp experience will be different in some aspects from the past in order to minimize camper exposure to any remaining virus. But we are committed to moving forward with the live camp and required procedures if it is permitted by the health departments who license us.

Physical Activities, both indoors and out

Hands-on STEM lessons for real-world knowledge that act as the key to success in our imaginary world of the story

Building Imagination and Character with our unique game system that allows the campers to become the heroes of their own story, letting their actions determine the outcome

For information on pricing and dates, please visit our Online Camp webpage.

If local health departments allow, we are expecting to run both online and live camp (in Salem MA) this summer. Your parents can rest assured that their purchase of camp will be as fulfilling as possible for their young hero. All decisions will be based on the instruction of local health departments but even if our camps are allowed to go live we will still have the online version available to those who request it.

What does one of our live story-based camps look like?

* In our expanding efforts to keep our camps as safe as possible for our young heroes, only vaccinated children or children who cannot receive vaccinations due to medical reasons will be allowed at camp. Documentation will be required to complete any and all camp registrations.

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