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Homeschooling is a brand new adventure for many parents and we are here to help.

Before the end of August, we will be accepting new students for our Guardian Adventure Homeschool Classes.  Parents are able to choose anywhere from 1 trial week to a full semester’s worth of story-based STEM and essential learning skills. We have made the tuition affordable with 20 weeks of classes as low as $10/hour.

Parents who live in Massachusetts can find out more about the process of switching to homeschooling by visiting the MA Home Learning Association. Since we are prepared to immediately offer 2.5 hours of curriculum and tutelage a day, parents can meet fully half of their learning requirements through our service.

As well, our curriculum can be purchased by current Homeschool groups and Coops so that they can run their own STEM adventures and Essential Learning Skills.  Interested organizations should sign up for our online learning platform. Updates will be sent out as soon as the transfer to the platform is complete.

You can register for our online classrooms today!

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