Online Spring Break Adventures and More

Keeping children actively engaged in these socially distant times is very important, not just for their physical but mental health as well. Guardian Adventures Online provides parents with the necessary tools to keep their kids stimulated in this challenging time while we all work together to keep our communities safe. Physical activity, an exciting education, and strong creativity are essential for young developing minds, now more than ever. That’s why all of our regular classes, parties, and even our Spring Break Adventures have gone from castle to computer!

We’re proud to announce Guardian Adventures Online School Break!

In our video conference environment, costumed instructors play fantastic characters leading a group of young heroes through an immersive online world filled with puzzles, brain busters, and big boss monsters. The objective is to keep kids from all over the country engaged and entertained during their school break. Encouraging the heroes to work together and think creatively, aspects of STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) become their tools as they overcome obstacles and traverse the world around them, both on the computer and in their homes.

We also have an upcoming complimentary Zombie Virus Online Adventure:  Take your first steps into an online world with a thrilling, bone-chilling, hand-washing zombie adventure like nothing we’ve ever done before. The story is set when a scientist accidentally starts a zombie virus, spreading dangerously quickly throughout the laboratory you’re locked inside. Clues must be found, puzzles must be solved, and zombies must be stopped. But… don’t forget to wash your hands before you leave, or you just might bring the zombie virus with you to the outside world. This free event is taking place online for participants from anywhere around the country. Register today to receive your login information and maybe even some hints on ways to win the online adventure bite free!

ziombies reach towards you

Along with the free online adventure, we’re now hosting all of our classes at their regular time proving that there are always adventures awaiting those willing to seek them. Along with classes, we’re also working hard to create online birthday parties for young birthday heroes who fear missing out on their big day.

We’ve also prepped all of our regular Friday Night Events for the web and are now taking registrations. Love Dungeons & Dragons? We do too! That’s why we’ve added a weekly D&D Online session every Tuesday at 4 o’clock.

You can learn more about all of our exciting innovations in our new Guardian Adventures Online pages.

Finally, as schools remain closed, parents are watching their children becoming glued to the TV, their education becoming less social and therefore less interesting, and the regular announcement of the dreaded “I’m bored.” We’ve got a solution…

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