As you read this, most of the adventures into Sidleterra will be over. The Shifting Caverns have all shifted, the Tavern doors have closed up, and the Trading Post has packed up and moved on. Memories made and monsters slain, the heroes of the summer have successfully defended the realm once again and Sidleterra remains safe for another year. Houses one and all have learned their strengths, counted on each other, and defeated evil using their skills and teamwork. The lessons learned this summer, in and out of the houses, will last our heroes the whole year back in their communities as they wait for the portal to our summer home to open once again.
That does not mean the adventure is over… Blackwatch camp starts up Sunday night for 3 days of intense mystery adventure for some of our older campers, and our Burlington location will hold open the portals to Sidleterra for three more weeks. With so much adventure under our belts and so much more to go, we can look back on our achievements and be proud of the lessons we learned as we move forward into the year ahead.  
Calling back to our last UpDate, please submit all of your best summer memories to the form below so we can publish them in a future newsletter. Looking forward to hearing from you all, and we hope to see you again next summer for another wild adventure.

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