More Important Than Ever: The Necessity of Summer Camp

Helping Parents Succeed

Most of us have found habits, routines, and adaptations to make this new (temporary) way of living in quarantine work for us personally but businesses are still finding new obstacles to overcome. Recently, many businesses have been brainstorming new ways to tackle one of the most disruptive factors to the employee working from home: the bored child.

Working from home as a parent is like working two jobs at once and businesses are recognizing that, so what is their solution? Businesses are now contracting online summer camp organizations (like ours) to keep kids engaged and parents focused on their work.

Yes, you read that right. Businesses are contracting online camps as a business expense. That means that employees are reimbursed for their tuition. It sounds unbelievable but actually makes quite a bit of sense. Your organization might be reaching the same solution. Now is the time to ask! You can share this link with your organization, a page designed with businesses in mind.

Many of you received the email last Thursday letting you know that our founder, Meghan Gardner, has been invited to talk on NPR’s All Things Considered about our Online/Offline Summer Camps. We don’t know when it will air yet. We will let you know as soon as we find out.

Since this is a nationally syndicated and very popular show, we expect that we will be managing a large influx of registrations for our online camp and events. So we are letting you know in order to give you a chance to sign up immediately. There is a good chance our camps will meet capacity (because we use the same ratio of counselor to camper as our live camp). As well, if we are given permission to go live with camp this summer, all online campers will be given 2 days to convert to live camp. If there are spots left after that, we will then accept additional campers.

By signing up for any version of our online camp, you will have the option to upgrade that week to any other Guardian Adventures camp type. You will only have to pay the difference in tuition between the online and the offline camp (on any unused camp) in order to attend the offline camp. But remember – you will only have 2 days to make that upgrade before we open up registrations to everyone else.

Note: After May 16th, our pre-registration prices will change to full pricing. However, if you sign up for camp before then and want to upgrade, we will honor the pre-registration pricing.

So please, if you plan on having your hero attend camp this summer, register immediately. We want to be sure that your camper is able to be a part of our programs this summer.  If we are sold out, we might have an alternative available for you as we are receiving requests from many camps about licensing our programs.  We will let you know one way or the other.

Thank you,
The Team at Guardian Adventures

Helping Other Camps Adapt

The world of summer camps is also seeking new solutions to new challenges, and we are one of the resources that they’re using! Dozens of camp organizations attended an online discussion last week on how we moved our Castle to the computer. And hundreds more are requesting access to the video.

You can watch the full discussion here:

How You Can Help Us

If you believe in what we’re doing as much as we do, we invite you to help us as well as the summer camp industry succeed. Here are three easy ways that you can make our efforts even more effective:

  1. Send us photos of you or your child in their online adventures
  2. Tell your local recreation department we have online and offline camp program licensing available to their own #HomeboundHeroes
  3. Tell your business about the efforts of all online summer camps to keep children engaged and help overwhelmed parents working from home. Our entire camp industry needs your support.

Until we see you all again in person, we wish you the very best. Our online adventures continue to improve and grow as time goes by and we thank you for all of the support thus far. This situation is temporary and will end eventually. We’re here for you through the whole thing.

Thank you,
The Team at Guardian Adventures

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