Midnight Knights

Homesickness is defined as “a feeling of longing for one’s home during a period of absence from it.” But what is a home after all? Can you only have one home or can you bounce from one to the other? Does a home need a roof or could the night sky suffice? Can summer camp, at least for a few weeks, be just as home as where you live? We say, “absolutely!” But even the bravest hero might need a little help getting used to their summer camp home.

If your young hero has never experienced an overnight summer camp, we’ve got an event that might help them out. This upcoming Sunday evening we’re hosting Midnight Knights, an All-Night Adventure. The event begins at 8 o’clock and runs until the next morning when our MLK Full Day Adventure kicks off. Also, you’ll be excited to hear that the night is free for all registered 2020 first time campers! Not registered yet? That’s ok, we’ve got spots for you too.

The event is designed specifically for first time overnight campers to get a taste of what a night in Sidelterra is really like, all while getting to know the other first time campers they’ll be adventuring with this summer. There will be games aplenty, lots of chill time in The Castle, a campfire (of the imaginary variety, we are indoors after all), and lots of cozy cots to rest on. There may even be some characters, both familiar and new, making appearances, but you’ll have to be here to find out…

This event is for ages 8 and up. Food is not provided so please be sure your stomachs are full prior to arrival. It will lead directly into our MLK Full Day Adventure, which requires separate registration. The event is free to anyone who is new to Overnight and has already registered for summer camp, but pre-registration is required. The cost for non registered campers is $99, but if you sign up for camp by 2/21, the $99 will be applied to the registration, which can be filled out here.

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