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Guardian Adventures Classes

Guardian Adventures classes run on a membership cycle.  Each hero enrolls as a member which provides different opportunities and classes to fit their schedule, interests, and abilities.   We strongly recommend at least two introductory lessons prior to signing up as a Guardian Adventures member.  Tier placement is subject to instructor approval.

Tier 1 Memberships are for our beginner heroes, either giving their first few attempts at a Guardian adventure or those who don’t feel ready yet to dive in without a little assistance.  Classes are 60 minutes in length.

Tier 2 Memberships are for more experienced adventurers and include 90-minute classes.  This grants more opportunities to experienced students to control their adventure without needing an instructor’s guidance.  Most Tier 2 members are ages 13 and up.

Our modern, air-conditioned facility is located in Burlington, MA (near the Burlington Mall) serving the surrounding communities of Lexington, Bedford, Woburn, Billerica, and Reading, and is the largest swordsmanship school in North America. Read on for descriptions of our weekly sword and NERF adventures…

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Fencing for All Ages

At Guardian Adventures, our emphasis is more on personal growth and technical development of your sword or fencing skills than competitive training. Our priorities are your individual training goals.

Our environment is renowned for being creative, interactive, fun and welcoming to all skill levels — from complete beginners to advanced students. Visit our Fencing Classes for more information.

Educational Sword Adventure for Kids and Teens

Our youth and teen Educational Adventure Classes specialize in getting bright kids “unplugged” from the computer games and television and getting them physically, mentally and socially active in a setting that appreciates their uniqueness. Where else can they fight monsters, solve mysteries, and learn while burning calories with their friends?  Try our Educational Adventure Classes. Visit our Educational Adventures for more information.

Historical Sword Classes

Are you a history buff? Looking for a swordsmanship class that is more like a “world tour” of swords and other weapons?  Learn about weapons and battles of the past by re-enacting their styles. Try our Historical Weapons Class. Visit our Historical Sword Classes for more information.

NERF Adventures for Kids and Teens

It’s a tough job, trying to save the world from zombies and robots. But we make it exciting and educational as kids and teens work together to solve the mystery, learn about science, and stop the latest invasion! Try our Nerf Adventure Class. Visit our NERF Adventures for more information.

Junior Instructor Student Leadership Program

It’s difficult to get teens real-life training for work and college that involves planning, public speaking, classroom management, designing curriculum, and more.  Our Junior Instructors can earn their Assistant Instructor certificate and even a job at Guardian Adventures – which looks great on a resume or college application! Try our Junior Instructor Leadership Class. Visit our Teen Leadership Program for more information.

…And our School Break Adventures

When school is closed, we are open for adventure. We offer summer camps, winter and spring break adventures, as well as school holiday events. Our full day adventures get your kids off the computer and having a blast! Visit our Camps & School Break Adventures for more information.

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