Immersive Education & Experience Consultant

Who Does Meghan Help?

  • Businesses that create transmedia education or stories for their audience and want to bring the experience into a live environment
  • Companies that offer High Tech solutions and want to translate their product into a High Touch adventure with hands-on challenges so that participants can have a more social and memorable encounter
  • Event organizers that are seeking a dynamic storyteller as a public speaker to deliver content that is both engaging and applicable
  • Training & Development professionals that want to add powerful elements to their training programs so that employees or clients not only understand the content better, but they also retain the information longer
  • Recreation companies or Cruise Ships that specialize in providing live programming for customers and want to add educational or story elements to create a more immersive experience
  • Libraries, Museums, Aquariums and other attraction locations that want to create a live adventure for your students or patrons.
  • Game design companies that want to play-test a new product with a trial client base
  • Organizations that would like to work with Cultural Educators or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion specialists for creating experiences that appeal to all demographics

Meghan has partnered with industry leaders in each of these types of organizations in bringing what they have in mind into a live, exciting, and engaging adventure.

How Does Meghan Help?

She explores the WHY and HOW of education and emotional immersion, which are the necessary prerequisite in determining WHAT the desired outcome can be. This means taking into consideration what your clients say, think, do, and feel before, during, and after the experience.  Meghan has a long and wide history of creating immersive experiences and can work with almost any environment and all ages.

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