Conquer The Darkness with The Blackwatch

If you are a parent of a teen or you are a teen who doesn’t know about The Blackwatch, then you should keep reading. There is a world where intense adventures are just a multidimensional portal jump away. At Blackwatch Camp, teens face higher-level challenges that push the boundaries and require strong alliances for success.  This is for teens who understand that complex situations rarely require simple solutions. These kinds of experiences can be found in one place and one place only: the Nightlands, a dark realm protected by those who know the darkness.

They are The Blackwatch.

Blackwatch is our teens-only summer camp and biweekly program chockfull of horrifying creatures to battle, dark and shadowy encounters, and larger than life obstacles that incorporate deeper, heavier subject matter. For example, the past week a question was posed to the team tied to a short tale. There once was a man whose wife was deathly ill. There was a medicine maker in town who knew the antidote but had priced it beyond the means of the man who was very poor. The man begged and received nothing. The man offered to pay over years in full and received nothing. The man offered to work for the potion and still received nothing. So, in the dead of the night, the man chose to steal the potion.

Question: was this man right or wrong to do so? It’s the Blackwatch that is tasked with working together to uncover the answer if an answer even exists. But just what kind of adventurers make up this band of dark heroes? Let’s meet a few of them now, shall we?


GRIFFIN (yes, spelled in all caps) is a young boy from a planet of Scientists with strange powers of the natural elements. While just as brave and clever as the rest of them, he still can’t count past five. GRIFFIN had a brother named Legend, who’s tale can be saved for another day. Young GRIFFIN can’t seem to ever stop percolating with excitement, further defining him as the energetic little brother of the Blackwatch. GRIFFIN proudly proclaims himself as the best friend of Garfunkel…

Panda AKA Garfunkel

Garfunkel has had an interesting life or lives depending on how you look at it. He is the product of countless reincarnations occurring after incidents including being turned to stone, zombification, you name it. Needless to say, Garfunkel does not pride himself as being the most responsible adventurer in the Blackwatch. His past is haunted by his time as a thief, assassin, and one-time ruler of the Pirate Kingdom. He has since elected to use his skills in a more noble profession and became a lawyer.

When our reporters inquired about the current reincarnation of Garfunkel, Panda says, “This is the newest edition. It’s more so I can dive into Garfunkel’s backstory. That’s why I’ve erased all of his past memories.” It’s a good thing that other members of the Blackwatch remember his pirating days, members like Etvee Villen…

Joseph AKA Extremely Tough Villager

Meet Extremely Tough Villager or Etvee Villen for short (villen is the olde English for villager, of course). Etvee Villen didn’t have much to say to our reporters but did elude to a recently doing some “magic stuff with The Void for more powers.” If that doesn’t grab your attention then nothing will! Joseph explains that “Etvee Villen is just an ordinary farmhand who got bored, wandered off, and became an adventurer,” proving that anyone can become a hero with the right team at their side.

If solving challenging puzzles, encountering strange and menacing monsters from foreign worlds, destroying dark forces, and solving the mysteries of morality intrigue you, then join us. Besides the Blackwatch summer camp, we also host biweekly Friday night adventures for the gang of teens. There’s always room in the posse for another otherworldly adventurer. Contact us today to begin the process of creating your own unique character and prepare for an adventure that’s sure to amaze.

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