Meet Our Day Camp Counselors

It’s mid July and our camps are in full swing! Our Zombie Overnight and Quest Camps just wrapped up in Salem, and we’re starting up our Wizards & Warriors season. But at our Burlington facility, both our Zombie and W&W Day Camps have been running simultaneously by our wonderful Day Camp staff. Meet our Day Camp counselors:

Christopher Buck

Is a returning counselor from last year. When Buck isn’t hard at work studying at graduate school assumption college. they like to train in Kenpo martial arts and play the violin. Buck is one half of the foundation of day camp as their stories and game mechanic ideas transport our campers to entirely new worlds. Their attention to detail and safety and their compassion for the unique qualities of every camper make them a necessary contributor to camp’s success.

Chris Dale

Dale who is a veteran Guardian Adventures kid and staff member is the life and soul of camp. She eats, breathes, and dreams of stories jam-packed with knowledge that any child will be hooked on. Her endless imagination and improvisational abilities lay the second foundation for camp. Her dedication to the children she works with and her passion for teaching make sets camp above the rest. When she’s not creating alternate universes filled with interesting characters she likes to eat sushi, play magic, and smile.

Maria Ferrandi

Maria, a first-time head counselor, and logistics director is the glue that holds this operation together. Her experience in expressive art therapy and years working with children from all backgrounds lend her the ability to handle any challenge. Maria also has years of practice in all art forms and loves to play guitar. Her creativity, flexibility, and passion for working with children adds a unique and special element that our camp has benefited tremendously from.

Remember, it’s not too late to sign up for another wonderful week of Day Camp and send some more time adventuring with these Hero Leaders… Sign up using the form below:

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