Throughout the business of this Holiday season, you may have realized that we have welcomed two new Guardians on board with us here at the Castle. Read on to learn more about our new Manager Lauren, and our new Lead Instructor Vin… Be sure to say hello next time you stop by!


Hi All,
I’m Lauren, the new Sales Manager here at Guard Up. My last few weeks getting to know both customers and staff has been wonderful. I liked the programs we offer here as they are described in print, however, learning to be a part of such an amazing community of creative, caring and brilliant students, teachers, and managers has been indescribable. Every day I’ve gone home to my husband, Ryan, and baby son, Silas and excitedly poured about my day. They are both thoroughly envious of all of the fun we have here. I’m looking forward to getting to know all of our members, participants and in working to support the growth of our program’s offerings. If you see me around the castle, feel free to say hi, ask questions of the program, or just to chat. Wishing everyone a fun-filled holiday season that’s warm, and filled with exciting adventures.


My name is Vincent Cerasuolo, but please call me Vin. I am excited to be the new Lead Instructor here at Guard Up. At previous points in my life I have been involved in Martial Arts. I have taught students eclectic disciplines, from the theory of Special Relativity (using actual versions of Einstein’s thought experiments) to using My Little Pony to teach Plato‚Äôs Republic. I have been a manager at several facilities and have taught partner acrobatics to parent-child duos. All of this gave me the resume I needed to get this job, but nothing could prepare me for the great students, teachers and culture here at Guard Up. Now that my own home schooled children are in their late teens, this feels like the perfect place for me to continue with my adventures in learning and teaching.