Read on to learn more about the fun and skilled Hero Leaders who will be looking after your Heroes this year at Overnight and Quest Camp! They are all very excited to work with your Zee Corp Zombie Hunter, Mystical Mage, or Battle-Ready Knight. You might see their faces at move-in day, or at the Feast of Heroes…


Adam Nelson Bass

Hi I’m Adam! I’m a Tier-1 counselor for Nerf Zombie and Wizards & Warriors camps. I’ve been with Guard Up for four years, two years as a Monster Camper and last year as a Junior Counselor. I love working with children and wish to continue doing so over the next few years and my goal is to give children the greatest adventure they can have and help them reach their goals to become Heroes. See you in Sidleterra!


Adam Wickstrum

Hi my name is Adam! I’m a middle school science teacher from California. I’m excited to be back for my third summer with Guard Up! This summer I am Head Counselor working with the staff and planning exciting evening activities for the campers. I’m excited to be back and helping to create an amazing summer of fun and adventure for the campers!


Anders Pederson

Anders dances during chores, loves playing D&D, and making/wearing cosplay. He loves helping people and making them smile. He has used his bachelor’s degree to help adults and kids, and he makes lots of silly faces. He has been excited for camp ever since he started as an instructor at the facility earlier this year.


Christopher Doucette

Greetings from Sidleterra! My real-life name is Chris Doucette and I am from Swampscott, Massachusetts. I am an avid video gamer, cartoon and Anime watcher, and am interested in almost any nerdy thing. I hope to become friends with many new Heroes coming to Camp. Looking forward to seeing you all and having a great summer!


Christopher Wiley

Known widely as Robbie from Zee Corp, and Egan, Firstborn of Sidleterra, Chris Wiley has worn many hats throughout the history of camp. This year he will be acting in the roles of Program Director, Assistant Camp Director, and all-around Hero entertainer. He looks forward to seeing familiar faces of returning Heroes, as well as meeting and getting to know the new recruits. 


Clara Kjelsberg

Hi, I’m Clara! I’m 18 years old and from Lexington, MA. I’ve been with Guard Up’s camps for 3 years, first as a monster camper, then as a Junior Counselor, and now as a Tier One Counselor. Outside of Guard Up, I work as a cast member at a LARP, writing stories and playing as monsters, and I’m excited to bring those skills to Guard Up. I babysit for three children, and next year I’m headed to University or Rochester to study Psychology!


Cooper Murphy

My Nerf character is named Simon Hunter Extraordinaire and My Wizard & Worriers character is Escanor, the Gentlemen of Gentlemen. I have graduated from a camper to the role of a monster camper, to role of the counselor within five years. I gained so much from this camp that I want to transfer the joy and adventures I had as a camper to these different kids, and give them that same growing and exciting experience. I want them to have a story where their decisions can always make a difference, and I hope I can accomplish that.


Cynthia Geshrick

Hello! My name is Cynthia Geshrick, but I go by Cece and I am a Hero Leader for Security house in Zombie Nerf Camp and for Stefan the Black in Wizard & Warriors. I am 20 years old and was a lifeguard for 2 years previous to this job. I am currently studying Film and Information Technologies at DePaul University in Chicago, IL. I have always considered myself a geek and like everything from video games to anime to cosplay. I love being a part of such an energetic group of counselors and hope to have an amazing summer!


Elizabeth Romanowski

Elizabeth is our Logistics Director this year. This means that she is in charge of directing our monsters and encounters out in the world of Sidleterra, and setting up our camp storyline. Liz was a camper back in the first year of camp, then came back a few years later as a counselor. This year, she is excited to explore her new position as Logistics Director, and create the fun and educational plotline our Heroes will interact with this year.


Ethan Sabatella

Salutations! I am Ethan, the current Assistant to the Logistics Director this Camp season. I have been with Guard Up summer camps for seven years, and am more than happy to return the unique experience I received when I was a camper. My greatest comfort lies in writing, which I utilize to help design activities or encounters for the heroic campers.


Evan Kennedy-Spaien

Evan is the camp Makeup Artist and Junior Logistics Assistant. Evan started with Guard Up 11 years ago as a camper and has been a student and camper at Guard Up. As he grew up in this program he learned many skills and a love for Guard Up’s message. Evan’s desire to pass on his experience at Guard Up has lead him to work at the main Facility and at camp. Evan looks forward to helping the campers learn and develop in a safe, fun, and educational way.

Garrett Rousseau

I am a student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell pursuing a business management degree. This is my second year at camp and I am looking forward to ensuring the children have an amazing and memorable summer. I am 23 years old in my dream is to someday open and teach at my own Jiu Jitsu Academy.


Heath Canfield

Hello from Sidleterra! My name is Heath Canfield and I’m very excited to be working with our heroes this summer. I am 19 and am currently a double major in Theatre Arts and English at Stony Brook University. I have performed and volunteered with my local children’s theater for several years and am so excited to get to bring that experience to the world of Sidleterra. I hope you have a wonderful summer and am very excited to meet all of you later this summer!


Jack Czyrklis

Jack is returning to camp for his second year. Previously, Jack spent four years working at Waltham Public School’s TASC Summer School Program where he planned recreational programs and assisted children on the Autism Spectrum. Jack is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree at Dean College in Theatre and looking at Graduate Schools. A LARPer, Jack hopes to unite his passion for acting with his love of working with kids at Guard Up for years to come. Jack can be seen leading Science Team as Dr. Zemo or the Servants of the Woodland Realm as Orson Briarheart.

Jade “Gremlin” Querner

My name is Jade and this is my third year as a camp counselor. This year I will be leading Strike Team as Mama Grim and Silver Citadel as Jynx. I am excited to take on any challenge, good or bad, with a smile on my face!


James Cordero

James is excited to advance to the counselor position! After two years as an MC he is thrilled and looking forward to meeting the Z Corp Defenders and the heroes!



Jarred Landry

Hi, I’m Jared. At camp, I’m known as the Blue Mage for Wizards & Warriors, and Captain Horne for Nerf Camp. I will be acting in the role of Assistant Director this year for my 5th time at Camp. I’m so excited to see all of my new Heroes!



Jesse Abrams

Hello, my name is Jesse Abrams, and this summer will be my second year as a overnight camp counselor. I will be leading the House of Stefan the Black as the  Bishop Shaleborn for Wizards and Warriors.  For our zombie camp session I am Douglas Grant, leader for our Special Operations team. I am currently a student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. This job is one of the most important things in my life, to watch these kids grow and express themselves to the fullest makes it all worth it. I look forward to meeting your heroes!

Laura Gosenca

Laura is training to be the new camp director. She has a degree from Central Michigan University in Outdoor ecreation and youth studies. She loves to sing, read, and solve math problems in her spare time.



Marin Gardner

Marin is the Art & Ethos Director for Guard Up’s Summer Camp’s programs, which means she spends most her time making the costumes and props we use for the characters and scary monsters your Heroes will interact with. She also participates in plot development with the rest of the Logistics Team, to make sure the Sidleterran Ethos stays consistent throughout the years. Marin has been involved with the camp since it started, starting as a camper and working her way up to full staff 6 years ago. She also works year-round at the Burlington facility as Marketing Director.


Mark Ailshie

This is Mark’s 3rd summer with Guard Up. He has worked for the past 10 years with high school students in the Lynn Public School system. He holds a Masters Degree in Theatre Education from Emerson College. He is also an actor, director, writer, and father of three children.


Paige Harris

Paige Harris has spent several years attending Guard Up events as a camper, and is extremely enthused to be returning as a counselor. Paige loves animals, books, and hitting things with foam swords. She is a martial artist, a varsity swimmer, and the proud owner of four cats, assorted fish, and Poe the Mini Rex rabbit.


Robert Perry

Hi I’m Robert Perry but everyone calls me Perry. I have been with the guard up program for 7 years as a camper and a monster camper, and this will be my first year as a counselor. During the year I work as an instructor at the main facility in Burlington.


Sarah Morrison Zietman

Hi, I’m Sarah, I’m returning to Sidleterra to lead the Woodland Realm with my friend and puppet Beastie. I’m excited to be Head Curriculum Counselor and bring exciting science, engineering, technology, math, and art camp.


Spencer Curtis

Hello, my name is Spencer, and I will be a Tier 1 counselor this year. I found Guard Up almost 5 years ago and have come back as often as I can. I have spent two years as a camper and two years as a CIT, and I fully enjoyed my experience. Part of why I love this Camp is that it provides a great community that I can be comfortable in. It is my goal as a new counselor to ensure that the campers can have at least as great a time as I did and a safe and accepting Community to support them.

Theo Dunsky

Hello my name is Theo Dunsky. I am originally from Los Angeles, although I now reside in The Hague, The Netherlands. I am currently a student at Leiden University College, where I study Earth, Energy, and Sustainability. In the past I have worked several jobs assisting disabled children, including as an awards ceremony organizer at the Special Olympics, and as a counselor at Camp Leg Power for children with cerebral palsy.  In the field of education, I worked as a tutor and writing coach throughout high school. This is my first summer working for Guard Up, and I look forward to helping create memorable experiences for the campers.