And just like that, the 2017 Wizards & Warriors camp season was over at our Waltham location… 

Heroes sat with their parents at the Feast of Heroes, with only one day of adventuring left. As soon as they finished eating, Kellan stood and called up Heroes for awards and announcements. Everyone was chatting, laughing, and finishing off their second helpings when, all of a sudden, a man burst in screaming! It was Krali Marko, legendary Hero. He ran through the Tavern, yelling about something named “Lamia,” and warning the Heroes that they need to keep her from destroying this land! Alas, he was cut short by the appearance of two mysterious women in white gowns and glowing skin… And they took him away, never to be see again!

This is all that the Heroes know about the story for next year so far. What they don’t know is that we are working with our new cultural consultant, Nelinda Tonchev, to bring the stories and myths of Bulgarian culture to our 2018 camp season. Nelinda works with the Bulgarian Cultural Center as a speaker and educator, and both writes and illustrates children’s books about these stories. We are very excited to learn from her, and look forward to bringing her most loved characters come to life.

And so, the Heroes leave Sidleterra once more… Who knows when they might be needed next? Beat the rush and sign up for next year, so that your Hero is well prepared to return next summer.