New experiences are scary. We all remember moments when we’ve had to deal with that fear: Applying for college, going into our first job interview, moving into a new home… But there’s a chance your young Hero hasn’t had many new experiences yet. So when it happens, it can be very overwhelming for them… How do you help them get through it?

When you think back to those instances throughout your life, what did you do to help lower your stress levels? Chances are, preparation was the key. You went out and bought a new outfit for your interview, or did hours of research into housing costs in your area to prepare yourself. When up against the unknown, we tend to feel the need to be in control of the situation, and preparation is the best way to do that. 

Now that it’s the end May, camp is rapidly approaching… And you may have a soon-to-be camper who is nervous about a new experience this summer. Be it their first time at a summer camp, their first overnight camp experience, or their first time working as a Monster Camper, you want to help them prepare. And just like an outfit for a job interview, they’re going to need to look the part.

One of the best ways to prepare your Hero for this summer is by making sure they have the coolest costume possible. It will get them thinking about the character they want to play, and it will reassure them to know that every kid they meet will be in awe of their unique outfit. Luckily, we make it easy: To order costume pieces for your Hero, check out our online Trading Post form. Orders must be submitted before 6/15 in order to be guaranteed. That gives you almost a month to make sure your camper looks like the Hero they want to be this summer!