We all know the feeling of being “stuck in a rut”… It feels like nothing will ever be new and exciting, and we are doomed live the same experiences over and over again. What can you do when the wheel of monotony just keeps turning?

The answer is simple: Try new things.

You can start small, of course. Start by trying one small new thing every week. Then, if you’re feeling brave, move it up to every other day. And if you suddenly realize a love for one of these new things, try to maintain it for 30 days. Before too long, you will have integrated a new hobby or habit into your daily life! 

For our students, in classes or at camp, our adventures are a great way for them to try new things. They might discover a drive for biology by studying Zombie DNA, or find a love for Greek mythology by fighting a giant Minotaur. For Jenna, a school Senior Project ended up being exactly what she needed to discover her love of fencing and Stage Combat through our classes. Watch the video below to see her school presentation in action, and learn through her new experiences: