As Day Camp wrapped up its final days, campers hurried to preserve their memories on paper. We received many pieces of art from our talented campers this year, and some of them were presented on our Art Board at our camp in Waltham. Some drawings were camper interpretations of Sidleterra – the magical land that our stories are set in. Take a look at these maps, and see the visual representations of your Hero’s fantastical time in the world of Sidleterra:

A Seeker’s map of our Waltham camp location, complete with in-game names


Evan, a Day Camper, drew this map of his Day Camp experience at our Burlington location


Of course, we are always looking for more camper art! If your Hero came home from camp this summer with examples of their artistic talent, feel free to send us a photocopy. We will showcase it in a Guard UpDate, on our social media channels, or maybe even on our new-and-improved Art Board at our Burlington Facility (Shh… it’s a Shutdown Week secret). Just call us at (781) 270-4800 for more information on how to submit your Hero’s art.