If your past couple of weeks have been anything like ours, I bet all of this snow has been making you look forward to summer.  We can’t wait to put on our Hero costumes, step outside into the world of Sidleterra, and forget all about shoveling our driveways. That’s why we wanted to give you and your Heroes a chance to get their character prepared for this summer, and our March Equinox Event: We’re holding a social media Costume Contest!

And the best part: You and your Hero can participate from the comfort of your own home.  No shoveling required.


Here’s how you can enter: 

Simply post a picture of your Hero’s costume (or your own, if you are one of our older campers) to facebook or instagram. Tag our facebook page (@Guard Up) or Instagram (@guard_up) and include the hashtag #CampCostumeContest. Feel free to tell us a little bit about your Hero’s character in the post.

You can either use a new picture or a picture you already have. If your Hero has been featured in one of our many facebook pictures, you can even share that picture as your entry – Just make sure to tag us, and include the contest hashtag.



Here’s what you can win:

On March 22nd, the Wednesday before our Equinox Event, we will gather up all of the entries, and our Hero Leaders will collectively decide on the winner. The winner of the Camp Costume Contest will receive a special, personalized in-game letter from a Greater Spirit – which might even include some secret clues about this year’s upcoming plot…

So get into the Sidleterra spirit, and happy posting!