Monster Camper Coordinator at Overnight Summer Camp

The time has come for a new guardian to enter the world of Sidleterra. The legends speak of a mentor which guides our oldest heroes on their journey to become a hero leader. As the Monster Camper Coordinator, you will guide these heroes through playing Sidleterra’s most fierce monsters, help them through disagreements, and teach them the way of a hero leader. Building heroes is no easy task, but with the right qualifications, you just might have what it takes. Step through The Gate of Destiny and see.

NOTE: Hiring for our summer camp jobs is usually completed early spring. Please apply immediately if interested. We get flooded with resumes in late spring and often have no openings left. Thank you!

Wizards & Warriors Camp is a creative STEM-based summer camp run by professionals, parents, and teachers who wanted to create the experience of a live adventure as a way to help kids and teens discover the hero they hold inside.

About Your Role

The Monster Camper Coordinator/Catering Liaison directs the Counselor in Training Program for 15 to 18 year olds. The program will focus on teaching Monster Campers the skills necessary to be successful working with children and learning to become a camp counselor, as well as teaching them how to successfully entertain children of multiple age levels. Through hands-on learning experience, teens will get the chance to play interactive characters and plan and implement camp activities for various age groups.

In addition to their role with Monster Campers, the Monster Camper Coordinator/Catering Liaison will act as our contact point with our catering company, Whole Foods, and will be responsible for ensuring that meals are arriving with ample time for set-up, contain all expected food options, and all utensils/paper products/miscellaneous meal items are accounted for and inventoried.


  • Be responsible for health, safety, and supervision of our Monster Campers.

  • Be a versatile and flexible member of the staff.

  • Live in the dormitories alongside the campers in your group.

  • Maintain open communication with supervisors regarding camper behavior, camper and staff needs.

  • Complete camper behavior logs and other assigned paperwork in a timely manner.

  • Inventory meal items.

  • Ensure the safe storage of food after meals.

  • Maintain open communication with Whole Foods.

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