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It’s been a little over a month since we brought the bookshelves on Cary Memorial Library to life. We’re thrilled to show you the recap video of our adventure back in early December! We can’t thank our volunteers and the library staff enough for helping us make it an adventure to remember. Take a look at the official video below and enjoy.

Phew. What a wild night. If you’re interested in learning more about the plot, characters, and obstacles these young heroes encountered, take a peek at our Library Invasion Recap blog post from a few weeks ago.

Who else is talking about the event? Well, on January 9th the Lexington Library and our founder and CEO Meghan Gardner co-presented the video you just watched at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. They discussed the literary adventure from all angles, covered some of Guardian Adventures STEM curriculum design services, and answered a few questions from the Harvard audience. Needless to say, the group was impressed.

Are you impressed too? Interested in a similar adventure for your own young hero? May we suggest our Winter Break Adventure! The third week of February is a time when schools close their doors for winter break, but we’ll be lowering our drawbridge and launching the first half a two-part interactive story, rooted deep in the lore of Sidleterra (the mythical realm where our adventures take place). Raise your foam sword, aim your NERF blaster, don your super suit, and gather your wits for an action-packed, STEM fueled fantastic adventure. Just be careful, the werewolves might get you…

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