King’s Watch Day Camp Recap

Summer Camp is officially wrapped for the 2019 season. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make the magic real for the young heroes at King’s Watch Day Camp here in Burlington. After ten weeks of nonstop adventure, there’s a whole lot to remember. Here’s some of our amazing counselors’ favorite bits…


John Cordero

“I loved playing Gilgamesh. I loved playing an evil villain and watching the kids band together to overpower and defeat me as a team. They had to surround me and I was force-fed a potion, which was pretty ridiculous and cool.”
“I learned a lot about how personalities can mesh…or clash. It was also interesting to observe how when you try to explain something to an 8 year old they’ll understand faster than a 50 year old, becuase they don’t hold onto old knowledge and are more open to new ideas. We can learn a lot from the kids.”

Elena Nahrmann

“I also loved playing out the Gilgamesh plot. The campers manufactured a magical weakening potion using STEM and the PH scale early in the day. After there was a this great big battle…it was epic.
Demon Town was a great part too. It was sort of a land of the dead and in order to buy stuff everyone had to do favors and sign contracts since there was no money. Everybody was making each other do silly dances to get potions and powers. Also John acquired one camper’s soul. All the campers fought together to get it back. I think that was my favorite week.”
“I learned how creative kids could be, especially when they started bartering with souls, which we did not expect.”

Sarah Galevi

“I really enjoyed the Orchestrated Meditation for the plot. We did that so we could call upon the spirit Ninsun to get advise and wisdom in order to beat Gilgamesh. She appeared to them after they had successfully meditated in the spirit realm. The kids were (surprisingly) very into! Not to mention, they were really quiet for a whole thirty minutes.”
“I learned how to be a leader, be more confident, own the situation, and improvise when things don’t go as expected. These kids have some wild imaginations and you’ve got to keep up!”

Mikey Scofield

“It’s always a good time goofing off with the kids, especially during the extended day hours when anything goes. I also really get into making the puzzles in Zombie Camp for the kids to solve.
I made one where they had to read cryptic pictures. The campers were tasked with using the clues in the codes to see how many stones they could put in the goblets. Once the correct amount was used the goblets were  keys to open a temple door to a secret room filled with new mysteries and quests. I mean, c’mon. That’s awesome! It looked so cool and the kids picked up on it really quickly.”
“I learned more about what can make this camp even better. Some stuff we weren’t sure would work actually had a surprising impact. We got to experiment in ways we didn’t expect and I think the kids got a lot out of this summer…and so did the adults. Everybody grew together.”

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