Junior Instructor Student Leadership Program

Where does a teen go to learn all the important skills for success during and after high school and college? Our Junior Instructor Student Leadership Program was developed to provide that answer.

Topics covered and practiced in this class are the practical and often vital skills necessary for teens to become pro-active entrepreneurs or employees and members of a community.

This class isn’t about lectures, reading, and homework. It’s about discussion, live roleplay exercises, group feedback, and working as a team. In order to join this student leadership class, each teen must participate in an interview with the course instructor and discuss their own objectives.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

Presentation skills: Eye contact, hand motions, posture, voice volume and articulation, etc
Group management: Safety assessments, resolving conflict, coaching methods, conducting events, etc.
Creative problem solving: Improvisational acting, creating games, brainstorming solutions, etc
Communication: Active listening, formulating concepts, using cues for lesson retention, etc

Our focus is to develop important skill sets that young adults can use in any work or leadership environment such as…

Think: Assess, Research, Visualize, Apply Deductive Reasoning, Empathize
Decide: Show Initiative, Communicate, Organize, Plan, Prioritize
Act: Follow Through, Be Flexible, Improvise, Communicate Status, Problem Solve

We do this by creating a learning experiences using a combination of…

Stories: Create context and emotional engagement
Roleplaying: Promotes lesson retention through scenario-based dynamic acting that closely simulates the true situation
Feedback: Provided in a positive coaching manner, with emphasis on personal growth and focus on how to do it right instead of what is going wrong.

This class is so pertinent to your education that we wrote a summary for you to add to your college application or job resume:

Junior Instructor Training Program Resume Summary

Participated in Junior Instructor Training Program, a class designed to promote confidence, life skills and leadership in working as a future employee or college student. As part of the class Junior Instructors shadow and assist instructors in the classroom while working directly with students as positive role models.

  • Worked with groups of peers on completing tasks designed to foster creative problem solving.
  • Took part in regular exercises to promote public speaking, team building and student leadership.
  • Participated in regular role plays to promote comfortability with classroom management and behavior identification.
  • Completed curriculum on conflict management.
  • Worked with peers to design proposals for group projects. Created timeline and procedure for approved project and followed steps to completion.
  • Worked with instructors to design curriculum for story based education, and sword classes.
  • Worked with instructors to help supervise and entertain student groups.
  • Acted as mentor and positive role model for students ages 4-6, 7-12, 12-17 (choose those that apply) years of age.
  • Trained in positive coaching and cue development.
  • Learned and applied active listening skills.
  • Gave and received constructive criticism and feedback.

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