Introducing Our Zombie Adventure Free Trial

Guardian Adventures is pulling back our curtain and sharing our new Universal Game System with the online education and recreation community. Our goal is to provide the tools needed for summer camps, recreation departments, event hosts, and afterschool programs to continue offering their services both online and offline. During the quarantine, parents need to have the necessary resources to help keep their children physically and mentally engaged while they are homebound.

We’ve been running, designing, and enjoying story-based adventures for nearly two decades. Since the world went digital, we’ve seen over 90% of our regular adventurers joining us every week and have even developed a fully immersive online summer camp. To us, these advances have been hard work (like…really hard work) but still felt natural as we are a team of gamers, educators, and storytellers across the board. We understand that many organizations will find these online adventures daunting and might be skeptical that they too can accomplish what we have. We believe that you can and are happy to announce that we have a solution.

Over 100 curious parties have now enrolled themselves in our Free Trial of our Online Zombie Adventure. This trial package is designed not just to showcase how much fun an online adventure can be, but to prove that it really can be done! The magic of our new Universal Game System is possible for any organization that is ready to try something new, something immersive, something adventurous. It also includes the offline version of the adventure, so you can use the system post-quarantine.



If your organization is intrigued by the programs we are offering, please take advantage of this complimentary adventure. Try it out for yourself. See what works for you and see what you might change for yourself.

This is a free preview course where you will learn how to run a Guardian Adventures interactive online event for your attendees. We have also created an offline version so that you can see how the two relate.

What this adventure provides:

  1. Instructions on how to run your own Online and Offline Zombie Adventure along with step-by-step written instructions and a video that walks you through the adventure.
  2. All of the image assets and audio for making your adventure immersive and exciting
  3. Marketing assets such as a digital flyer and banners to help you promote your adventure to your campers
  4. How to use Zoom to run the adventure

What this adventure does NOT provide but what IS provided in our upcoming Ultimate Game System license:

  1. MANY more skills for the players to choose from
  2. Classes such as Scientist, Wizard, Doctor, Warrior, Security, Healer, etc for the players to help define their character – which improves their sense of autonomy.
  3. Groups (divisions or houses) which help your players self select into according to their style of play – which improves their feeling of belonging to something bigger than themselves.
  4. Skill advancement options which allow your players to get more skills and be stronger over time – which improves your retention by giving players a sense of progress.
  5. MANY more assets which help you to create up to 5 versions of the same adventure: Fantasy, Wilderness Protectors, Zombie, and Superhero
  6. Offline versions for all of the above which explain how to run these versions at offline, in-person camps.
  7. And of course, the option to purchase pre-written modules which provide step-by-step instructions for running the adventure both online and offline along with all necessary assets for the adventure and for marketing.

Our objective is to help you see how stories and gamification can be used to create a more immersive and engaging program – both online and offline. If you are able to present this program successfully, we recommend purchasing our annual Ultimate Game System license, which will be released before the end of May.

NOTE: Since our adventures have a game mechanic, if you have a staff person or host who is a gamer, they would be the best person to take the course and run it. Gamers understand how game mechanics and stories interact and they may understand how to run an adventure with more ease and efficiency.  However, we do provide step-by-step instructions in case you are not a gamer.

Please visit (or have your gamer visit) our Complimentary Online Zombie Adventure to register and learn how to run your own 2-hour event for your campers.

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