Important Information About Closing and Camp

Parents, Students, and Campers;

Thank you all for your immense patience as we work through the challenge of the Coronavirus state mandates.  There have been many changes announced recently, including the extension of school and business closures for the next 3 weeks.  This has presented a tough situation for many small businesses, including our own.

Those of us who have aging parents and elderly friends know how important it is to honor the social distancing necessary for slowing down the spread of the virus.  If you own a small business or know someone who does, you may also know the stressful situation that this has created for those of us who are working hard to keep our staff employed and to weather the immense downturn in client spending.  Considering that small businesses employ almost half of all of the people working in the USA, this is expected to have far-reaching consequences. As a small business owner, I have lost quite a bit of sleep over this.

However, it is my personal and professional objective to keep our staff employed despite the situation at hand.  At the same time, we want to assist those of you who are facing financial challenges of your own.  Not to mention how difficult it can be to keep ourselves physically isolated for 3 weeks.

With all of this in mind, we are enacting the following options for our employees and community in an effort to keep moving forward in this challenging time:

  1. We have moved all of our classes and even some of our upcoming events into Google Classroom starting tomorrow.  Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page or on our Coronavirus information page in order to get access to your Google Classroom class or event.
  2. We will be rolling out your student login information today and tomorrow.  We will also send along a code to access to your classroom and more instructions either the night before or the morning of your class.  Please make sure you abide by the same code of conduct required in our physical classrooms.  
  3. The Story School is going to be working on fundraising and applying for grants to assist more campers and students who require financial aid scholarships for camp and classes (yes, you can apply for a scholarship for classes as well).
  4. Those of you who have not signed up for camp yet and who are concerned about investing the entire sum right now, we have provided an application for a Camp Payment Plan which allows you to spread out your payments.
  5. We will be sending out information for our regularly scheduled Dungeons & Dragons and Blackwatch event as we will also be holding these online as Google Classroom events.  If you wish to attend, please pay via our online waiver form and then fill out student application form for the Google Class Event (add the name of the event(s) in the comments section). NOTE: You MUST be prepaid for these events at least 24 hours in advance so that we can set you up as a student in the class.  We will NOT be adding any participants on the day of the event.
  6. We are moving the camp pre-registration discount deadline to the rescheduled Spring Equinox event on May 2nd.
  7. If you need equipment (such as fencing foils, foam swords, etc) in order to practice at home, you can order your equipment through us with a one time 25% discount.  We will receive the equipment at our facility and you can make arrangements to drop by and pick it up.
  8. If you have friends who are also homebound and want to attend our online classes, have them contact us to set up a trial lesson package that will give them access to our Google Classroom events and classes over the next 3 weeks.

We hope that these measures will assist our students, campers, and community in staying active with us and participating in upcoming adventures.  We also want to ask for your continued patience as we launch our Google Classrooms and try to provide entertaining, interactive, and educational adventures for all ages.  We expect that there will be many bumps in the road (I will spare you the long story of how much effort it has taken to set this up, translate our programming to an online environment, train staff, test, and test again, and now roll out).  So there is pretty much only one promise I can make:  There will be blips and bugs and frustration.  But what hero’s journey is without obstacles?

Thank you all for your continued support of our business, employees, community, and each other.  Even with the physical social distancing, we can still pull together to face this challenge as fellow adventurers… taking on the Coronavirus Big Boss… holding fast and moving forward.

With much appreciation,

Meghan Gardner
Guardian Adventures

If you are a current member of Guardian Adventures classes, please complete the below form in order to be sent login information regarding access to online versions of your classes and adventures during our physical facility closure (to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus) from 3/16-4/7.

Once your account is verified, we will email you login credentials for a Story School Google Classroom Account.  The email will have instructions on how to access your class.  Unless specified otherwise, your class will occur at its normally scheduled time.


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