Historical Sword Class

Youth and Teen Historical Sword Class

More versatile than our Fencing classes, Historical Sword Class teaches kids and teens (ages 6+) arms training from all over the world. Students learn historically interpreted techniques ranging from German long sword and Chinese Broadsword, to Zulu Stick fighting and the Aztec Macuahuitl! This is the perfect activity for any student who is interested in history, strategies and tactics.

Not only that, parents will appreciate our “Family Friendly Environment” with the following:

  • A Leadership Program for kids and teens that helps develop self confidence and social skills
  • A unique Merit Awards program that motivates students to practice and pay attention in class
  • Instructors that encourage asking questions and the discovery of answers
  • Classes that emphasize students practicing one-on-one sparring and group drills in our safe, yet exciting sword class.

Adult Historical Sword Class

This sword class was designed with the classic “sword fighter” and “history buff” in mind. Here is a full curriculum of historically interpreted techniques divided into easy-to-learn skill sets.

Start by using our special foam padded swords, then progress through the material to learn other training weapons as well. Study strategies and tactics of ancient and medieval warfare from around the world. Practice one-on-one sparring or group combat. Study translations of ancient texts and see if you can discover the methods used by the Maestros. Learn about the geometry and physics involved in the use of various weaponry.

This class is as much for your mind as for your body. If you have a fascination for history, culture and weapons, this is the sword class for you!

More versatile then our Fencing classes, Historical Sword Class teaches you the basics of:

  • German Long Sword
  • Italian Rapier and Dagger
  • Roman Gladiator Weapons
  • Staff and Polearms
  • Other historical weapons and tactics from around the globe, throughout history

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