United Sword HeroesYou remember your Hero’s first day at Guard Up, whether it was at Camp, an Adventure Night, or their first class at Guardian Castle. You might remember their look of joy when they realized that they’ve found a community of kids who are just like them. You might remember their breathless explanation of every monster they slayed, every mystery they solved, and every friend they made after they were done saving the world for the day. You might even look back on that first day and marvel at how much your child has grown since then, as the “Hero” character they play in-game has started to influence their daily life. 

Now what if you could help another Hero have that wonderful first day…

By now you probably know about our Camp Scholarship Opportunities, but did you know that there are other ways that parents and Heroes are raising money to make their dreams come true? One example is a Zombie Hunter named Kohl, who made a GoFundMe page to raise money for his Zombie Overnight Camp tuition.

 If you’ve applied for a Scholarship from us, but still want to raise as much tuition as you can through other means, try these ideas:

  • Online Crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe.com and YouCaring.com
  • Bakesale Fundraising
  • Hold a Bookswap or a Yard Sale
  • Request assistance from local service clubs like Lions Club or Rotary Club

And remember, if you want to spread the word about your fundraiser, or look for other Heroes to help, be sure to get involved with our Parent Email Group and connect with the Guard Up community.