Happy Birthday? Who’s birthday is it? Well I’m glad you asked… Our new Camp Director just celebrated another year of adventuring, and we want you to help us give her a super sneaky gift. In honor of our Camp Directors love of stealth missions and the classic game of “The Floor Is Lava”, we wanted to introduce an exciting new Birthday Party Theme… And you can help make her day by trying out this new theme for your next party or event. Introducing: The Sneaky Stealth Party.

Sneaky Stealth Party

Shhh… What was that? If you’re the kind of Hero who enjoys stealth missions, this party theme is for you. Unlock the magic door, tip-toe past monsters, and retrieve the package or magical artifact from a beast’s lair… All without stirring a single hair on its head. This thrilling adventure is perfect for young Heroes who aren’t too keen on chaotic battles. However, we can always ramp up the scare-factor for those older Heroes who love a good stealth adventure. Nerf Blasters or Foam swords provided.

If your Hero has a birthday coming up, be sure to give us a call at (781) 270-4800 so we can set up the perfect adventure.