by Meghan Gardner

No matter your political views, I think we can all agree that separating children from their parents when families try to cross the border from Mexico into the USA is not just bad policy, it’s traumatic to the children.  At Guard Up, we call ourselves “Guardians” because our emphasis is on Safe, Fun, and Educational events.  Notice that “Safe” is first in that list.  This means both physically and emotionally safe.

United Sword HeroesAs Guardians, we collectively feel it is time to step up and do more.  We have chosen to work with the nonprofit International Rescue Committee, which was founded in 1933 by Albert Einstein. The IRC delivers lifesaving care to people fleeing conflict and natural disaster. The IRC has also been given the highest possible rating from all three of the top charity watchdog organizations: Charity Navigator, BBB Wise Giving Alliance, and Charity Watch.  

Guard Up is offering a challenge to our community:  If you donate to the IRC between now and 7/20/2018, we will match your donation. Our maximum matching for the program is $1,000, so this fundraiser can raise a total of up to $2,000 from Guard Up and our community.  Just visit and send us a copy of your receipt.  Also, please let us know in the email you send us if you want this to be anonymous.  If you don’t we would like to announce your name (not the amount of your donation) in our future update as an Honorary Guardian.  

Let’s take action now and make a difference in the lives of children who are suffering.  Thank you for your help!