Give The Gift Of Camp

The holidays are just around the corner. Grocery stores and pharmacies have already finished putting up decorations and displaying seasonal goods. Radio stations have pulled out their annual three to five songs to play on constant repeat (you know which tunes we mean). The spooky costumes and Halloween candy have been replaced with twinkling lights and peppermint everything. The news anchors are clamoring about Black Friday’s impending chaos in stores across the country. And through it all, there’s you, getting increasingly overwhelmed with the oversaturation of store brand holiday cheer.

Fret not holiday-season-survivor! Guardian Adventures is here to simplify the stress of gift-giving. Instead of the usual toys, treats, and trading cards, we’ve got a gift idea that could even make a goblin jump for joy, and no…it’s not a “shiny.” This holiday season, give your hero a gift they can cherish all through the new year. Wrap up the promise of a glorious adventure by ordering our Gift Of Camp Package.

From now until December 15th, you can order the Gift Of Camp Package to receive an official certificate of invitation on our Sidleterrian parchment paper with your hero’s name scribed to the top along with a Guardian Adventures t-shirt to fill up whatever box or bag you’re preparing for your young hero. This deal also lets you take advantage of our current pre-registration discount, saving you 5% on summer camp. When ordering please be sure to specify online that your purchase is for the Gift Of Camp Package, then let us handle the holiday magic. We do work with magic quite often after all.

To reserve your package, you can sign up for summer camp today online. In the meantime, we’re also curious what you think of a Friday Night Adventure idea our staff has been tossing around for a while now, featured in our Weekly Customer Question:

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