As we near the end of January, we start to enter the time that everyone starts to prepare for camp… We have Heroes signing up for our Winter and Spring School Break adventures, gearing up for Summer Camps with costumes and research, as well as raising funds for their Camp tuition. This week we wanted to focus on one cool Hero doing just that: Meet Aiden.

You might remember Aiden from last summer, when he made custom art pieces for us in order to receive our Camp Scholarship for the Quest Camp of 2017. This year, he’s aiming to make it all the way to Overnight Camp. Take a look at his GoFundMe page and check out all of the wonderful work he’s doing for a chance to have a summer adventure with us.


As well as our campers, we Hero Leaders at the Castle are starting our planning bustle for our Spring Equinox Event in March. We are excited to be working closely with Nelly, our consultant, once again to ensure a culturally authentic and educational free event for all pre-registered campers. More details about the event will come soon. Nelly, however, has some exciting news of her own: Her book, The Unborn Hero of Dragon Village, is available for pre-order through Amazon for $0.99! So if your Hero wants to get a leg-up this summer by researching Bulgarian Mythology through an exciting adventure novel, be sure to pre-order soon because Pre-Orders only last until January 24th. 

We hope you and your Heroes enjoy reading all about our theme for camp this year, and we look forward to seeing you this summer at Salem State University.