Free Trial: Online Homeschool & Afterschool

This Wednesday we are excited to offer a very special free trial of both our Online Homeschool Classrooms and our Online Afterschool programs for ages 8-12.  These classrooms and programs will not exceed a 10:1 student to instructor ratio, so the roster is filling up quickly. We strongly recommend contacting us immediately if you are interested in this free trial event.

The day will consist of three lessons: the first focusing on Electricity, the second on Debate, and the third class an exciting adventure with our Afterschool Program.

There are limited spots available and we are already half full!  Register by filling out the form below.

What Can My Hero Expect?

Our Chronokeepers (that’s you!) will be tasked with helping fix a moment in history when in 1893 The World Fair was lit by 100,000 incandescent lamps. But something is wrong and the lights are not turning on…

With a STEM lesson focused on electricity and a life-skill module focused on debate and an adventure to uncover what nefarious forces are affecting time, the heroes will have to take the stage and bring light to the darkness. Join us for the first class (STEM-focused educational module on electricity), the second class (Essential-Learning skill focused on the art of debate), the third class (an immersive adventure against the forces that would defy time) or all three!

  • Your student won’t be “lost in the crowd” as our instructor-led online classes allow no more than a 1:10 ratio
  • Your student will be taught by mature instructors who have experience in both  online learning and online classroom management and engagement
  • Your student will thrive in an exciting and immersive learning environment where all topics are presented with a story or interactive adventure
  • Students are shown how they can apply subject matter to their personal lives making the lesson more immediately valuable
  • Highly creative students find our environment more flexible as they can express their comprehension through a variety of methods


Online Homeschool STEM Class: 1:00-2:00pm Eastern Time (starts: 12pm CT, 11am MT, 10am PT)

Online Homeschool Essential Learning Skills: 2:30-3:30pm Eastern Time (starts: 1:30pm CT, 12:30am MT, 11:30am PT)

Online Afterschool Program: 4:00-5:00pm Eastern Time (3pm CT, 2pm MT, 1pm PT)



To register for this complimentary trial online event, please fill out the survey below so we can best match your student(s) with our instructors and subjects. For more information on either our online homeschool classes or our online afterschool programs, visit our new webpage or call us today.

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