About Guard Up’s Guardian Adventures

Our Mission: Inspire life long learners who want to make a difference in the world.
Our Values are the Three Tenets of a Hero: Courage, Honor, and Compassion.
Our Purpose: To create a safe, fun, and educational environment where our Heroes and Guardians can grow and learn.
Our Vision:  To be the preeminent source and curator of interactive story-based education.



Our philosophy at Guard Up’s Guardian Adventures is simple. Every class, camp, party, program and event must follow our Three Rules of Operation (3RO) in the following order:

  1. All actions must be SAFE.
  2. All actions must be FUN.
  3. And all actions, when #1 and #2 are met, must be EDUCATIONAL.

Guard Up, Inc. is a company that specializes in creating programs by families, for families. We understand the needs of various ages… from the youngest Little Knight all the way up to our adult competitive sport fencers. And since many of us are parents, we place Safety as our first priority.

However, since our creation in 1999, we have come to realize that everyone, even the most avid competitor, also wants to have fun. So we have applied this ingredient thoroughly in each of our Guardian Adventures programs and offerings. Our instructors are highly trained in our special coaching methods. And our team of plot writers make sure our interactive adventures capture your focus and inspire your imagination.

What motivates us is also simple: It is the excited, wide-eyed look our students have when they “get it” after practicing a technique and having their coach “catch them doing it right”. And it is the that same look of wonder when a child sees their imagination come to life in front of them… offering them the chance to be the hero in a real life adventure they have only ever dreamed of before. This is why we are passionate about our work. We love to inspire.

The Why, How, and What of Guardian Adventures


Our mission is to help our students:

  1. Embrace Learning as a lifelong endeavor. We want to motivate our students to pursue what they are passionate about by finding mentors and resources to help them grow.
  2. Be Heroic. We want to inspire our students to find those situations in their life where they can make a difference and act with courage, honor, and compassion.


We accomplish this by:

  1. Presenting our students with challenges which require them to investigate and as questions while looking outside of the immediate environment for solutions and allies who can help them learn.
  2. Incorporating the concept of “Transference” into our games, lessons, and adventures, which helps students consider what they are learning and how to apply it to their life outside of our company.



We inspire your children by providing the following:

  1. Dynamic, interactive adventures filled with constant scenarios that require teamwork, investigation, and introspection about their values.
  2. Characters and creatures from real world mythology, literature and history which inspire kids to learn more about the world in order to succeed at their quest.
  3. Challenges with results that change depending on the student’s choices and open discussion about how the difference they make in the story can mirror the difference they make in the real world.