Event Coordinator for Educational Adventures

Guard Up, Inc. is a Burlington, MA company that offers story-based educational adventures for kids, teens, and adults as well as providing classes in swordsmanship instruction and other unique and creative subjects. Our educational summer camps attract customers from around the globe.

It is very important to us that any addition to our growing company and team understands our culture and our vision. Our instructors are individuals who are highly creative while having strong organization and communication skills.  Everyone has a passion for inspiring children to learn.  Although we are a for-profit company, we act more like a nonprofit in that we offer a large number of scholarships to families experiencing financial hardship as well as providing free services for local, under-served communities.

Our vision is vital to us.  Our staff are all called “Guardians”. We are hero-makers. Our company, customer, and co-worker motto is “Courage, Honor, and Compassion”. We live to inspire our patrons. We work in a castle. We hold weekly staff development meetings where we cover topics such as how to listen with sensitivity, how to recognize and counter shame, how to handle stress, how to communicate topics that are emotionally loaded, and other important life skills essential to a productive and happy team.  We are more like a family than most companies.  And we are deeply protective of this emotionally safe environment where our staff work hard to do what’s best for the company, our customers, and themselves.

As a for-profit company, our bottom line matters.  It’s what makes our service possible.  At the same time, we are keenly aware that it’s our Guardians who make our vision possible. So we re-invest into our employees and we are patient when hiring in order to be sure we have a good fit. We do what we can to hold onto our hero-makers.  Because you can’t train passion.

The best candidate for our Event Coordinator would be person with a strong sense of systems, business, and people – especially people with big hearts. We are looking for an individual who has exceptional communication skills for sensitive topics, is able to understand the creative mind, and who owns the vision of making a difference in the lives of our customers through story-based education.

Please read through the position requirements carefully.  Our company is growing at a significant rate and we need a solid executive leader who has a strong business skill set with measurable results to support their resume.

The following websites explain our services:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Guard Up, Inc runs exciting and educational summer camps and year round live action adventures where kids are heroes in an ongoing story with monsters, magic and learning.  Our educational programs have received attention from a variety of academic institutions including Harvard Graduate School of Education, Yale, Northeastern University, MIT, and more. Our staff are life-long learners who love working with kids, helping parents and adults achieve their goals, and dressing up in costumes and playing monsters. We also happen to work in a castle.

Guard Up is recruiting to fill a year round, full time Event Coordinator opening. This position requires a career and goal oriented, self motivated individual that is creative, reliable, growth-oriented, and confident with making decisions and adapting to a unique, fast paced and constantly changing environment… and know how to look imposing with a foam sword.

Job Summary:

Acting to further the development and mission of Guard Up, Inc. and our Wizards & Warriors Camp and Zombie Summer Camp through the development, management, and running of our onsite and offsite events. Must work with the administrative team to market, organize, grow, and maintain our events.

Summary of Essential Job Functions and Responsibilities:

• Oversee a team of three or more for planning and running events (this position is the lead “Master of Ceremonies” for each event)
• Collecting the stories of our customers and potential customers and matching them with our services while meeting their individual needs
• Proficient at categorizing and prioritizing issues and concerns while staying within our budget
• Experienced with Project Management involving task, team, and deadline management
• Capable of problem solving to maintain the integrity of the daily milieu
• Provide operational and logistical support to the Operations Director in a friendly yet demanding environment
• Help maintain accurate documentation and filing systems
• Assist in designing, delivering, and evaluating events that meet the needs and interests of the target client populations and perform the event in a safe and quality manner
• Annually seek and analyze input from youth, families, and staff regarding the quality, safety, and enjoyment of the event
• Work with Marketing Department in generating content for websites, and social media
• Attend and pass annual CPR and First Aid certification
• Adhere to regularly scheduled hours both onsite and offsite
• This position is a Tuesday through Saturday position
• Strong sense of ownership

The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:

*Significant previous experience working around kids and parents
*Have a high tolerance for managing youth behavior
*Background as camp counselor or educator or other family-oriented service is a plus but not required
*Experience working with parents in addressing their concerns regarding their children
*Ability to handle the physical demands of running numerous hours of events, back to back, for 2-3 days at a time
* High energy personality, able to create excitement for our clients and adapt to their needs on the fly
*Knowledge of business skills such as managing a budget, inventory control, understanding margins, and more
*Strong proficiency with windows based operating systems, spreadsheets, and experience using Client Relations Management Software
*A positive, healthy, upbeat personality oriented towards personal growth with a strong desire to be around those interested in the same
*Commitment to honesty and transparency in all communication, and the ability to take accountability and communicate mistakes
*Ability to manage schedule for yourself and your supporting staff


* Previous event coordination experience
* Clean background check, CORI and SORI checks
* Previous experience with kids and parents
* Some weekend and evening hours required
* Experience with Databases or Client Management software

Benefits after minimum employment requirements are met:

* Matching 401k
* Paid time off
* Free camp enrollment for children of full time employees
* Health insurance
* Opportunity for Annual Pay Raise and bonuses

Note: If you are remote from our location, we do require an onsite interview in the final rounds of the interview process. Candidates are responsible for their own transportation to and from Burlington, MA.

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