Summer Camp Costume Designer & Makeup Artist

NOTE: Hiring for our summer camp jobs is usually completed early spring. Please apply immediately if interested. We get flooded with resumes in late spring and often have no openings left. Thank you!

Wizards & Warriors Camp is a creative STEM-based summer camp run by professionals, parents, and teachers who wanted to create the experience of a live adventure as a way to help kids and teens discover the hero they hold inside.

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Summer Camp Costume Designer & Makeup Artist

Location: Salem State University South Campus (our Summer Camp)

Reports To: Camp Director

Position Summary

The Summer Camp Costume Designer works as a part of the logistics team with the creation of props and costumes as needed to facilitate the telling of culturally inclusive stories at Wizards & Warriors and Zombie Summer Camps. The person helps provide the logistics team with plot guidance through conversation and interaction with the camp’s cultural consultant. The Summer Camp Costume Designer provides a list of approved cultural characters, and their costuming for the use at camp, and at the facility during the year. Including handmade items, and items ordered for the use of costuming and props for use at the camp and year-round facilities.

Major Responsibilities

  • Acts as first round of contact for camp cultural consultant. Maintains open communication between the camp logistics team and the camp’s cultural consultant.
  • Works with camp cultural consultant prior to the start of camp to create list of appropriate characters for use in summer programming. 
  • Attends pre-camp unpacking, and inventory of supplies, and is present for the packing of logistics during the last full week of camp 
  • Assists the camp logistics team with training in processes, and attends plot meetings as a cultural consultant liaison.
  • Attend, participate in logistics meetings and trainings as scheduled. 
  • Oversees management of camp prop, makeup and costume inventory.
  • Oversees creation, construction and ordering of new props and costuming as necessary.
  • Keep Camp Director informed of day-to-day operational successes and concerns.
  • Manages document of commonly used characters for use by the logistics team.
  • Assist with final battle preparation, and acts as safety marshal during battle events. 
  • Works with on-site logistics team to manage props, makeup and costume inventory.
  • Assists with oversight of camp spirit character realms (Death’s realm, the library, etc.)
  • Other duties as assigned by Camp Director.

Other Responsibilities

  • Repair costuming
  • Set up and maintain makeup equipment
  • Conduct makeup for monsters and characters
  • Order supplies for makeup according to company approved vendors
  • Abide by budget for costuming and makeup

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