Employment Openings at Guard Up


Job openings at Guard Up’s Guardian Adventures

Guard Up’s Guardian Adventures is a Burlington, MA company that provides educational classes, summer camps, and events based on exciting and interactive adventures for ages 4 to adult.

By immersing the students in a live story where they play a hero, the student becomes emotionally involved in the outcome. Humans think and remember in terms of narrative. Providing an enticing narrative where the outcome is dependent upon the student, we create a student-driven situation where failure is seen as a stepping stone towards success instead of an endpoint. 

The special “powers” and solutions that the student’s characters can develop are based in Physics, Biology, Geometry, Chemistry, Literature, Cultural Stories, and more. Students play in a live story where they battle monsters and solve mysteries using STEM to “power up” their characters. 

The immersive environment (with high quality costuming, special effects, actors, etc) encourages emotional involvement in the outcome. To imagine this: Think of a computer game without the computers. Our goals are to see education, schools, and libraries as tools for problem-solving and to inspire lifelong learners.

You do not need to know how to wield a sword or shoot a NERF blaster, but we can teach you.  Because all kinds of skills are needed for battling zombies, werewolves, and the like.  After all, we work in a castle and we inspire young heroes.  So if you feel the call to save the human race from certain doom, we’re your company.

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Educational Adventure Instructors – Part-Time and Seasonal Full Time

Fencing Coach – Part Time 


Summer Camp Counselor Opportunities:

To apply and for more details, please fill out form here: Summer Camp Counselor Job Openings