Dinner With The Dead

Food, friends, and a whole ensemble of freaky creatures to encounter…that’s what you’ll find at our annual Day Of The Dead celebration. The festivities are coming to The Castle on the evening of Saturday, November 2nd, less than a week from today. The celebration is a free event but only for campers and their families who have completed their pre-registration for the 2020 summer camp season. Upon the start of the celebration, pre-season discounts will end so pre-registration is highly encouraged.

While the holiday originates from our neighbor Mexico, all around the world countless countries and communities will also be celebrating, all in their own ways. Let National Geographic show you a brief glimpse into the tradition:

Here at Guard Up’s Guardian Adventures, we do things our way. We’re opening up our Castle doors and lowering the drawbridge for all pre-registered campers and their families to join us for a celebratory feast. During the dinner, all heroes are invited to explore The Castle and discover what adventures await them. Various rooms will be used to represent the four seasons with creatures within that might need your help with this or that. Courage, honor, and compassion will be necessary if you want to be a hero and save the seasons from the mysteries that are coming. Along the way you just might stumble upon some valuable information regarding the plot of 2020 summer camp…maybe… And for those of you who simply wish to socialize and catch up with your camp friends in a fun and creative environment, we warmly welcome you too.

Directly after the Day Of The Dead celebration, we will also be hosting a Masquerade Ball (we do love masks here) for all of the teens (ages 13 and up) that attended the evening. This will be a wonderful opportunity to see who you’ll be spending your summer with, as well as show off some sweet dance moves. Note that this is a semi-formal event, so please dress in your finest costuming. This is a great chance to show how your character “cleans up.”

To all those who will be attending this event, we greatly look forward to entertaining you. For those who have not RSVP’ed yet, there’s still time to get yourself on the VIP list. Pre-register for summer camp before the end of the week and not only will you be cordially invited to Day Of The Dead, but you will also be getting the best possible price on a 2020 summer camp experience. We hope to see you at The Castle this Saturday. Until then, cheers to the dead.

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