Historical Characters Demonstrations

Guardian Adventures is available for educational library, school, scouts and group demonstrations.

Some examples of our events include our “Physics: The Science of Swordplay” demonstration, or our “History: Swords Through the Ages” program. We have a versatile knowledge of sword history from all over the world, and can teach techniques from Medieval Germany, Renaissance Italy, Feudal Japan, and others.

Bring history, science and geometry to life at your school when our armored knights show up to teach your class for the day.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff have run hundreds of customized programs at libraries, schools, camps, offices, and facilities just like yours.

a medieval knight says hello to a young hero

Looking for a fun, unusual event that will have people talking for months to come? Guardian Adventures has demonstrations available in the sport of Olympic Fencing or education in Historical Weapons, Japanese Sword and many others. We can bring safe replicas of historical arms and armor to your site, giving your guests a chance to touch swords, try on armor, and more. We demonstrate techniques used throughout history by sword fighters, and then, making use of our safe foam swords, allow your guests to get in on the action. Your guests will have the chance to test out what they just learned against our trained staff in front of all their friends!

Another option is to have one of our “Living History” characters visit your classroom.  Students have the opportunity to interact with our “Living Characters” from History, Mythology and Literature. What this means is that kids and teens have the chance to learn about historical figures (like Hippocrates), mythological beings or heroes (like Zeus or Achilles), or characters from literature (such as Beowulf) by interacting with our professional actors who portray them. Our actors heavily research these characters so as to portray them and their time period as accurately as possible. We all know that stories are one of the best vehicles for teaching since they capture our attention; but interactive stories spark creativity.

fencers do their thing in a classroom  So whether it’s an Olympic fencing demonstration to wrap up the end of the year, a medieval weapons event to get children interested in history at your local library, or a Japanese sword demonstration to entertain your guests at your next Corporate event, our knowledgeable and qualified instructors will direct and oversee demonstrations and interactive games, monitoring them for safety and making sure everyone has a maximum amount of fun.

Have you ever seen the movie “Night at the Museum”?

In this movie, the museum displays and exhibits come to life to cause havoc while a new security guard tries desperately to get them to return to their previous state.

Imagine an event run by your museum or library where the characters come alive and the kids or teens (we call them “Heroes”) have to figure out how to get them back into their display or the books… but in order to do so, they have to first solve a mystery using teamwork and the information provided by the actual displays or books.

We will consult with you on how to design and run the event, source props and costumes, and even staff training. Let us know what kind of adventure or demonstration you are looking for and we can design one just for you!

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